• Association first human with other animals. Mystical feelings toward animals and it’s reflected in folktales. Many wild animals have been exterminated, eliminated habitats for their. Domestication of animals, their use for working out of medicines.

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  • Kangaroo in Australia. Koala is a symbol of the country. Possum is a small animal the size of a cat that lives in the trees. Wombat and the emu. The Tasmanian Devil. Dingo is wild dog, a cross between a wolf and a normal family dog. Pelicans in Australia.

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  • Create a source of light in Earth orbit. Energy source for the artificial sun. Development of light during nucleosynthesis. Using fusion reactors. Application lamp in the center of a parabolic mirror. Application of solar panels and nuclear reactors.

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  • Biography Anthony Stafford Beer - cybernetics, theorist, expert in the field of operations research and the so-called "second wave" of cybernetics. The publication of his book "Cybernetics and Management". Scientific activities of Anthony Stafford Beer.

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  • Struggle of African people with the European. The struggle between Samory and France. Phases of armed struggle. War against France. Battle with three french detachments. Annexing of Bunyoro. Liberation War under the leadership of Bushehi had two phases.

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  • History of antitrust law. The Department of Justice building in Washington, D.C. as home to the United States antitrust enforcers. Federal and state government, private suits. Several examples of antitrust law: AT&T, Alcoa, Kodak and Standard Oil.

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  • Разработка API взаимодействия клиентских приложений с сервером СУБД через Pipe под Windows. Устройство и характеристики СУБД SQLite. Методы WinAPI для передачи данных. Реализация взаимодействия через PIPE. Результат работы серверного приложения.

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  • Australian history: first europeans and researchers, commonwealth, Olympic games and war. Australian geographic as the driest inhabited continent on earth: location, states, people, flora and fauna. Aboriginal settlers and reservations in Australia.

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  • Параметры и отличительные черты нового ноутбука MacBook Pro, его разработка для профессионалов. Самый тонкий в мире ноутбук- MacBook Air. IPhone 3G - модель с поддержкой сетей третьего поколения и встроенной GPS-навигацией. Цифровые мониторы Apple.

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  • American multinational corporation that designs and markets consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. Business Strategy Apple Inc. Markets and Distribution. Research and Development. Emerging products – AppleTV, iPad, Ping.

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  • The birth of Apple IPod as the first portable music player was an idea of Jobs that reshuffled the Market cards into new worlds of users needs. Adapting to change and reaction is not sufficient. Change and experimenting new things and renewal synthesis.

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  • Defining the role of the microscope in studies of the structure of nanomaterials. Familiarization with the technology of micromechanical modeling. The use of titanium for studying the properties of electrons. Consideration of the benefits of TEAM project.

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  • Theoretical aspects of the application digital education resources in teaching computer science according to the capabilities of electronic programs. Capabilities of tools Microsoft Office and Macromedia Flash. Application of the program Microsoft Excel.

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  • The influence of corruption on Ukrainian economy. Negative effects of corruption. The common trends and consequences of increasing corruption. Crimes of organized groups and criminal organizations. Statistical data of crime in some regions of Ukraine.

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  • Company’s representative of small business. Development a project management system in the small business, considering its specifics and promoting its development. Specifics of project management. Problems and structure of the enterprises of business.

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  • General information about archaisms. The process of words aging. Analysis of ancient texts Shakespeare, Sonnet 2. "Love and duty reconcil’d" by Congreve. Archaisms in literature and mass media. Deliberate usage of archaisms. Commonly misused archaisms.

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  • Consideration of geographical location, topography, climatic conditions in Argentina. Introduction to the country's main tourist attractions - museums in Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls. Walking through the city of Mendoza and hiking in the Andes mountains.

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  • Совершенствование навыков диалогической и монологической речи и навыков восприятия иностранной речи на слух. Обучение правильному аргументированию своего мнения. Повторение и расширение лексического минимума по теме: "Money" и формирование заключения.

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  • Місце процесів оцінки в загальному циклі керування ризиками. Архітектура інтегрованих інформаційних систем. Зміст вхідних і вихідних інформаційних об'єктів. Моделювання в ARIS 5.0. Побудова моделей процесу вироблення стратегії захисту інформації OCTAVE.

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  • The value of art in one's life, his role in understanding the characteristics of culture. The skill and ability of the artist to combine shapes and colors in a harmonious whole. Create an artist of her unique style of painting, different from the others.

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