• A. Nikitin as the russian traveler, writer. Peculiarities of the russian traveler trips. An abundance of factual material Nikitin as a valuable source of information about India at that time. Characteristics of records "Journey beyond three seas".

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  • The basic principles and the protection of power lines patterns used in this process methods. Physical basics of high-power transformers in substations. Justification of the information received. Diagram illustrating the operation of the protection.

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  • Style as a literary notion and its reproduction in translation. The peculiarities of graphical expression as the style-forming means and their rendering. Morphological style-creating means and their reproduction. Syntax as tool for style-creating.

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  • General View of Romanticism. Life, works and Heritage of the Romantic Poets. Stylistic analysis of Lord Byron’s works "Destruction of Sennacherib", "Prometheus", "Darkness", of Shelly’s works "Adonais", of Wordsworth’s work "A Fact and Imagination".

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  • The theory and practice of raising the effectiveness of business communication from the linguistic and socio-cultural viewpoint. Characteristics of business communication, analysis of its linguistic features. Specific problems in business interaction.

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  • Biography of von Humboldt and J. Herder. Humanistic ideal of scientist. The main Functions of Linguists. Language as an intermediary in the course of understanding and demands therefore definiteness and clarity. Balance between language and thinking.

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  • The Origin of Black English. Development of Pidgin and Creole. Differences of Black English and Standard English, British English and British Black English. African American Vernacular English and its use in teaching process. Linguistic Aspects.

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  • English songs discourse in the general context of culture, the song as a phenomenon of musical culture. Linguistic features of English song’s texts, implementation of the category of intertextuality in texts of English songs and practical part.

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  • История создания музыкальной группы Linkin Park. Бывшие участники. Логотип группы. Выпуск альбома Hybrid Theory. Получение "Грэмми" в номинации "Лучшее исполнение в стиле хард-рок". Повышение своей популярности в мире до топов мировых хит-парадов.

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  • Разработка подключаемых модулей аутентификации как средства аутентификации пользователей. Модуль Linux-PAM в составе дистрибутивов Linux. Принцип работы, администрирование, ограничение по времени и ресурсам. Обзор подключаемых модулей аутентификации.

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  • Основні особливості операційної системи Linux, її системні та програмні характеристики. Файли, каталоги та посилання ОС. Робота зі з'ємними носіями інформації. Архівування даних. Особливості роботи в мережі, додатки, текстовий режим функціонування в ОС.

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  • Protein and energy storage. Fatty acid biosynthesis. Formation of malonyl-CoA. The pantothenate group of ACP. Two-step sequence of the oxaloacetate. Synthesis of triacylglycerols. Cholesterol biosynthesis and its control. The alcohol groups of mevalonate.

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  • Development banking, increasing the degree of integration of the banking sector of Ukraine in the international financial community, empowerment of modern financial markets, increasing range of banking products. The management mechanism of bank liquidity.

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  • Memory, Teaching and his types. Why we need teaching of memory. Short-term and protracted memory: oppositions and coincidences. Short-term memory and methods of his improvement. Listening of methods is in translation. Scholars of research of listening.

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  • The principles of teaching listening comprehension. The purpose and nature of the listening comprehension programme. The structure of listening comprehension and types of activities. Listening comprehension tests. The usage of the listening material.

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  • Life and work of Irish writers of the late Victorian era, George Bernard Shaw. Consideration of the interpretation of the myth of the Greek playwright Ovid about the sculptor Pygmalion Cypriots against the backdrop of Smollett's novels and Ibsen.

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  • Familiarization with the biographical facts of life of B. Shaw. Conducting analysis of the literary work of the writer and assessment of its contribution to the treasury of world literature. Reading's best-known work of the author of "Pygmalion".

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  • Literary formation of children. A book role in development of the person. Value of the historical, educational and interesting literature for mankind. Famous authors and poets. Reflection of cultural values of the different countries in the literature.

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  • The literature of the USA: colonial literature, unique american style and lyric. Realism, Twain, and James, postmodernism, modern humorist literature. Postcolonial poetry, Whitman and Dickinson, modernism. Proto-comic books. Superman and superheroes.

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  • Pilgrims, puritans in new England: historical, descriptive writers. The new England clergy: Theology in New England. The first half of the century, the personal touch. The revolutionary period. Writers of new York and Pennsylvania. Poetry, South, North.

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