• The foundations of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation. The civil society as the embodiment of balance of private and public interests. Legal and functional character of the civil society. Institutional structure of constitutional system.

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  • The issue of freedom of the individual and their normative regulation in terms of constitutional democracy in post-Soviet republics. Stages of formation of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen. Socio-economic, ideological and political conditions.

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  • Analyzing the buyer behaviour, appraise the links between marketing communications and buyer behaviour theory, discussing the impact of the major variables influencing buying behaviour. Buyer decision making processes. Implications for marketing strategy.

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  • Introduction to business culture. Values and attitudes characteristic of the British. Values and attitudes characteristic of the French and of the German. Japanese business etiquette. Cultural traditions and business communication style of the USA.

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  • History of the concept and its study. Static and developing characters. Distinguishing the flat and round characters. Protagonist and Antagonist. Types of hero – bad and good points. Other classifications of characters. Ervin and his classification.

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  • CMS как система управления контентом/содержимым сайта. Предназначение, принцип работы и примеры CMS. Инсталляция GMS на компьютер с помощью Denwer. Шаги установки Wordpress на Denwer. Работа в wordpress: пример создания блога, посвященного институту.

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  • Overview of civil law system. History of appearance and development of the Roman-German legal family. General characteristics of civil law legal system. Sourses of the right. Distinctive features of the system. Soubgroups in the civil law system.

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  • A Contract for the Development and Production from the Field in accordance with the provisions herein contained. Term of contract and conduct of Petroleum operations. Books of account, accounting and audit. Liability and insurance, laws and regulations.

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  • The necessity of description of compound adjectives in the English and the Ukrainian languages in respect of their contrastive analysis. The differences and similarities in their internal structure and meaning of translation of compound adjectives.

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  • Origin of the comparative analysis, its role and place in linguistics. Contrastive analysis and contrastive lexicology. Compounding in Ukrainian and English language. Features of the comparative analysis of compound adjectives in English and Ukrainian.

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  • The place and role of contrastive analysis in linguistics. Analysis and lexicology, translation studies. Word formation, compounding in Ukrainian and English language. Noun plus adjective, adjective plus adjective, preposition and past participle.

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  • The history of corporate identity. The elements of corporate identity. The examples of a strong corporate identity and new trends. Corporate identity today and in the future. Past of corporate identity. The origin of logos and corporate identity.

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  • Detection the benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility strategies that would serve as a motivation for managers and shareholders in the context of a classical firm, which possesses monetary preferences. Theoretical framework and hypothesis development.

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  • The definition of Corporate Social Responsibility and main approaches. Stakeholder VS Shareholders. The principles of CSR: features and problems. Sanofi Group Company and its Social Responsibility program. Results and Perspectives, the global need.

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  • The main idea of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). History of CSR. Types of CSR. Profitability of CSR. Friedman’s Approach. Carroll’s Approach to CSR. Measuring of CRS. Determining factors for CSR. Increase of investment appeal of the companies.

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  • Resources of income for enterprises. Main ways of decreasing the costs Main ways of increasing the income. Any enterprise’s target is to make profit. In order to make it a company should understand where comes from the income and where goes out costs.

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  • Факторы, оказывающие влияние на производительность труда. Анализ организации труда персонала БД АО "HSBCBank Kazakhstan". Оценка мотивации различных категорий работающих. Улучшение организации труда через развитие профессиональных навыков персонала.

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  • Пcихoлoгo-педaгoгичеcкие ocoбеннocти пoдгoтoвки детей cтapшегo дoшкoльнoгo вoзpacтa к шкoле, особенности их худoжеcтвеннo-твopчеcкой деятельнocти. Фopмиpoвaние ocнoвных учебных умений и нaвыкoв дoшкoльникoв, используемые при этом методы и приемы.

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  • The thermal cracking method. The process by which hydrocarbons with relatively high molecular mass are chemically converted to hydrocarbons with lower molecular mass. Thermal and catalytic cracking, hydrocracking, steam cracking. Scheme of catalytic.

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  • Web Forum - class of applications for communication site visitors. Planning of such database that to contain all information about an user is the name, last name, address, number of reports and their content, information about an user and his friends.

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