• Free Pascal как свободная реализация языка Паскаль, совместимая с Borland Pascal и Object Pascal - Delphi, но при этом обладающая и некоторыми дополнительными возможностями. Основы алгоритмизации и программирования, создание визуальных приложений.

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  • A word-group as the largest two-facet lexical unit. The aptness of a word, its lexical and grammatical valency. The lexical valency of correlated words in different languages. Morphological motivation as a relationship between morphemic structure.

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  • The oldest words borrowed from French. Unique domination of widespread languages in a certain epoch. French-English bilinguism. English is now the most widespread of the word's languages. The French Language in England. Influence on English phrasing.

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  • A long history of French culture. Learning about cultural traditions of each region of France is a richly rewarding endeavour and just pure fun. Customs and traditions in France. French wedding and christmas traditions. Eating and drinking in France.

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  • Разработка программы FTP-клиент, которая может подключаться к серверу в активном и пассивном режимах, используя имя пользователя и пароль; скачивать, загружать и удалять файлы с сервера. Протоколы прикладного и транспортного уровней. Описание интерфейса.

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  • Общие сведения о стандартизированном протоколе передачи данных FTP. Модель построения протокола обмена информацией, его применение в автоматических системах оплаты через интернет. Управляющее соединение между клиентом и сервером, программное обеспечение.

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  • Общие сведения о протоколе передачи данных FTP. Технические процессы осуществления соединения с помощью протокола FTP. Программное обеспечение для осуществления соединения с помощью протокола FTP. Некоторые проблемы FTP-серверов. Команды FTP протокола.

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  • Self-assembly of polymeric supramolecules is a powerful tool for producing functional materials that combine several properties and may respond to external conditions. Possibilities for preparing functional polymeric materials using the "bottom-up" route.

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  • Function words, they characterization. Determiners as inflected function words employed. Preposition "at": using, phrases, examples from "The White Monkey" (by John Galsworthy). Translation, using, examples in literature preposition "in", "of".

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  • Lexico-semantic features of antonyms in modern English. The concept of polarity of meaning. Morphological and semantic classifications of antonyms. Differences of meaning of antonyms. Using antonyms pair in proverbs and sayings. Lexical meaning of words.

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  • Borrowing as a method of new word formation. History of military borrowing from Latin and Old Norse. The etymology and modern functions of military loanwords. The use of borrowed terms in historical fiction and fantasy genre. Non-military modern meanings.

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  • The analysis of four functions of management: planning, organizing, directing, controlling; and the main ways of improving functions of management. Problems with any one of the components of the communication model. The control strategies in management.

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  • Signal is a carrier of new information for the observer. Concept and classification detector signals, their variety and functional features. The detection abilities of different detector’s types, methodology and milestones of their determination.

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  • Sheehan loathes critical Australian historians. The brutal butcher Kennedy and Hudson Fysh. A later massacre. P.P. McGuiness, as an "expert" on Aboriginal affairs. Michael Duffy, another "expert" on Aboriginal affairs. The saga of Jack and Lillie Akbar.

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  • The future perfect tense is an easy tense to understand. The future perfect tense talks about the past in the future. The Future Perfect is used for an action which will be finished before a stated future time. Usage of Future Perfect Continuous Tense.

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