• The British constitution: common law, statute law, and convention. The Public Attitude to Politics, system of government. Breaking Conservative and Labour dominance. Functions of the Parliament and Prime Minister. The British legal system - courts.

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  • Every nation has a stereotyped reputation of some kind or other, partly good or partly bad. Roots of stereotypes. Studying some stereotyped images of the United Kingdom in 3 areas: the political system of the country, clothes, food and eating habits.

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  • William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens as greatest British writers. John Locke - the Father of Liberalism. Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill. Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin, John Winston Ono Lennon and Freddie Mercury. Graffiti Art of Banksy.

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  • Sources of pollution. Climate and weather conditions 1952 years that led to the emergence of smog in London. Effect on town. Health effects townspeople. Environmental impact. Factors that caused the repetition of this environmental disaster in 1962.

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  • Biographical information and the Shakespeare - English poet and playwright, the beginning of his literary activity, the first role in the theater. The richness of the creative heritage of the poet: plays, poems-sonnets, chronicle, tragedy and Comedy.

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  • Program automatic system on visual basic for graiting 3D-Graphics. Text of source code for program functions. Setting the angle and draw the rotation. There are functions for choose the color, finds the normal of each plane, draw lines and other.

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  • Program game "Tic-tac-toe" with multiplayer system on visual basic. Text of source code for program functions. View of main interface. There are functions for entering a Players name and Game Name, keep local copy of player, graiting message in chat.

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  • Greece as the one of the most picturesque places in the world. Typifies the contrasts, geology, climate, paradoxes in the Mediterranean region. Attica as the Greek area and the most highly industrialized part of Greece. Crete as the largest Greek island.

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  • История возникновения и цели деятельности Гринпис как независимой международной организации, её принципы: ненасильственность, протест действием, независимость. Деятельность организации по защите животных, природы от климатических изменений и истребления.

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  • The concept of economic growth and development. Growth factors: extensive, intensive, the growth of the educational and professional level of personnel, improve the management of production. The factors of production: labor, capital and technology.

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  • Общие сведенья о микропроцессорных системах. Архитектура микроконтроллера PIC 16F628A. Особенности последовательного программирования. Подключение программатора при внутрисхемном программировании одного микроконтроллера. Расчет электрической цепи R9VD1.

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  • Thе Sоcіаlіst Trаdіtіоn оf Mаrx, Еngеls, Lеnіn, Luxеmburg аnd Trоtsky. Guеvаrа’s Pаth tо Sоcіаlіsm: Grаbbіng Stаtе Pоwеr аnd Іntеrnаtіоnаlіsm. Buіldіng Sоcіаlіsm: Thе Fеtіsh оf thе Stаtе. Wоrkеrs аnd Dеmоcrаcy іn Cubа: Pаst аnd Prеsеnt.

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  • Development of guidelines for students of the fifth year of practice teaching with the English language. Definition of reading, writing and speaking skills, socio-cultural component. Research issues in linguistics, literary and educational studies.

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  • Basic terminology on gymnastics and types of competitions on gymnastics, their program and exercises. Rules of refereeing. The history of gymnastic development. The Belarus champions of Olympic Games on sports both art gymnastics and their achievements.

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