• The study brief biography and works of the great artist Isaac Levitan. The most famous artwork is gorgeous landscape. A photographic image of the famous master of nature, landscapes of Russian nature, drawings, watercolors and book illustrations.

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  • James Cameron is famous canadian film director, screenwriter, producer, and researcher of the underwater world. James Cameron's filmography includes five financial records. Interesting Facts of life and work of film director. History of the personal life.

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  • Short-story biography of American film actress Jennifer Aniston: parents, childhood, friends and beginning of career. The personal life of film star and development of its career is in Hollywood. Rewards of artist, as critic and public confession.

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  • Johnny Depp - is an American actor, producer, musician. He has won the Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild award for Best Actor. Depp rose to prominence on the 1980s television series 21 Jump Street, becoming a teen idol. Popular films with Depp.

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  • John Christopher Depp - an American film actor, director, musician, screenwriter and producer. The three-time nominee for "Oscar", winner of the "Golden Globe". Actor filmography and roles, the most successful commercial projects with his participation.

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  • Kazakh national clothes as the best that could create art and talent of craftsmen for centuries. Women's traditional clothes. Hats for women Male Kazakh costume. Kalpak, takyya, borik - men's hats. Tymak - most original headdress for in the winter.

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  • Seven wonders of Ukraine: National Dendrological park "Sofiivka", Kievo-Pechers’ka Lavra. Ancient Greek town Khersones Tavriisky (Chersonesos) - the city founded by Greek colonists, more than two or a half thousand years ago in south-western Crimea.

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  • Painting, sculpture, architecture, graphics - the main kinds of arts. In painting use oil and water color paints, distemper, gouache. Easel, monumental, decorative painting. The book, poster, industrial drawing. Landscape architecture, town-planning.

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  • Origines du thеаtre. Le Moyen Age. Le Classicisme: les scenes parisiennes, Corneille, Moliere, Racine. Le Romantisme au XIXe siecle: Napoleon et le thеаtre, Victor Hugo, Dumas, Merimee. Le thеаtre bourgeois: drames et comedies, operettes et vaudeville.

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  • Louvre - the biggest and most famous art museum, built in 1190 by King Philippe Auguste as a fortress against the Vikings. The history of the Louvre, the description of the exhibits: paintings, sculptures and artifacts collected over the five centuries.

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  • Beliebte Musikgenres derzeit in Russland. Untrennbar aus den Genres der Rockmusik Subkultur: rocker, hippie, punk, metaller, goth, emo. Das Thema und die Inhalte der Lieder, ihre tiefe und philosophische Bedeutung. Russische Musik: Künstler, Gruppen.

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  • The development of painting in the USA. The First American Revolution and the young republic. Landscape, history and marine painting. American Museum of Natural History. National Gallery of Art. Leslie Lohman Gay Art Foundation, the Philips Collection.

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  • Hobby as regular classes man in his spare time, leisure activities depending on their interests, passions and Hobbies. The passion for reading books, collecting stamps. Passion for modern dancing, cooking and shopping. The cultivation of flowers.

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  • International holidays in the Republic of Kazakhstan: New Year, International Women's Day. National, state and professional holidays: Nauryz, Unity Day, Capital Day, Constitution Day, Fatherland Defender's Day, Kurban Bairam, Day of the First President.

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  • Short-story description of public holidays of Great Britain: Christmas, New Year, Easter, spring and summer Bank holidays. Conservative character of Britannic festive traditions. Tradition and organization of celebration of New Year and Christmas.

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  • Собор Парижской Богоматери ( Notre Dame de Paris) как географическое и духовное "сердце" Парижа. История строительства и жизнь собора в Средние века. Его реставрация в 1841 г. под руководством архитектора Эжена Виолле-ле-Дюка. Основные реликвии Собора.

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  • Биография Пабло Пикассо. Некоторые факты его личной жизни. История его творческого пути. Политические убеждения художника, пацифистская деятельность. Периоды: голубой, розовый, африканский. Направления его творчества: кубизм, классицизм, сюрреализм.

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  • Biography Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci: painter, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer. Leonardo's Paintings are famous for a variety of qualities. Most famous works of the artist.

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  • The most beautiful and interesting sights of old towns of Ukraine: Kiev (St. Sophia and St. Vladimir Cathedrals, Golden Gates, Museum of Ukrainian Art), Odessa (Pushkin Museum), Lviv (Pharmaceutical Museum, Museum of Ethnography and Crafts, Opera House).

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  • Понятие искусства в современном научном пространстве, его полифункциональность. Особенности его функционирования как динамичной системы. Исторические прототипы и аналоги Poetry Slam, подходы к определению понятия, правила конкурса и обоснование.

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