• Russian Federation Political and Economic relations. Justice and home affairs. German-Russian strategic partnership. The role of economy in bilateral relations. Regular meetings make for progress in cooperation: Visa facilitations, Trade relations.

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  • Характеристика основных свойств Bitcoin как одноранговой, децентрализованной системы с одноименной виртуальной валютой. Описание ключевых преимуществ и недостатков системы, ее роли в общемировой экономике. Оборотная сторона децентрализации системы.

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  • Characteristic of growth and development of Brazil and Russian Federation. Dynamics of growth and development. Gross value added by economic activity. Brazilian export of primary and manufactured goods. Export structure. Consumption side of GDP structure.

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  • The value of cultural behavior for a favorable business environment at the international level. Proper negotiations between the companies. Short-term or Long-term the Attitude. Formal or Informal. Direct or Indirect. Punctuality, stages of negotiation.

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  • Общая характеристика народного хозяйства: сущность, отрасли, анализ структуры, основные этапы становления. Структура валового внутреннего продукта за 2014-2015 гг. Метод конечного использования. Схема добывающей промышленности Республики Казахстан.

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  • Presence of nominal rigidity as an important part of macroeconomic theory since. Definition of debt rigidity; its impact on crediting. The causes of the Japanese economic crisis; way out of it. Banking problems in United States and euro area countries.

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  • Історія Європейського аерокосмічного і оборонного концерну як найбільшої європейської корпорації аерокосмічної промисловості, його роль на світовому ринку. Особливості розвитку виробництва та розширення співробітництва з російськими підприємствами.

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  • A monetary union is a situation where сountries have agreed to share a single currency amongst themselves. First ideas of an economic and monetary union in Europe. Value, history and stages of economic and money union of Europe. Criticisms of the EMU.

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  • Mission, aims and potential of company. Analysis of the opportunities and threats of international business. Description of the factors that characterize the business opportunities in Finland. The business plan of the penetration to market of Finland.

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  • Legal regulation of the activities of foreign commercial banks. Features of the Russian financial market. The role and place of foreign banks in the credit and stock market. Services of foreign banks in the financial market on the example of Raiffeisen.

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  • Influence of globalization on Hospitality Industry. Basic Characteristics of Globalization in Tourism. Challenges brought by Globalization. Global promotion, advertising, e-marketing, pricing and ethics. Strategies and tends toward Globalization.

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  • The Soviet-Indian relationship from the Khrushchev period to 1991 was. The visit by Indian prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru to the Soviet Union in June 1955 and Khrushchev's return trip to India in the fall of 1955. Economic and military assistance.

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  • The history of Human Rights Watch - the non-governmental organization that monitors, investigating and documenting human rights violations. Supportive of a diverse and vibrant international human rights movement and mutually beneficial partnerships.

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  • Natural gas is one of the most important energy resources. His role in an international trade sector. The main obstacle for extending the global gas trading. The primary factors for its developing. The problem of "The curse of natural resources".

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  • Обобщение и анализ опыта российских компаний в области проведения IPO как на российских площадках, так и за рубежом. Освещение практических аспектов организации первоначального публичного предложения акций. Основополагающий фактор, определяющий успех IPO.

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  • The reasons, the background of the origin and stages of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The armed action took place between them. Signed peace documents. Method Palestinian war against Israel began to terrorism. Possible solution of the problem.

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  • The reasons of the beginning of armed conflict in Yugoslavia. Investments into the destroyed economy. Updating of arms. Features NATO war against Yugoslavia. Diplomatic and political features. Technology of the ultimatum. Conclusions for the reasons.

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  • Review the history of signing the treaty of Westphalia. Analysis of creating a system of European states with defined borders and political balance. Introduction to the concept of a peaceful community. Languages and symbols of the League of Nations.

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  • Advantages and disadvantages of living abroad. Difficulties in adapting to a new country its culture and customs. Ways to overcome them. Complexity of studying abroad. Statistical data on the desires and reasons student learning in another country.

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  • The essence of an environmental problem. Features of global problems. Family, poverty, war and peace problems. Culture and moral crisis. Global problems is invitation to the human mind. Moral and philosophical priorities in relationship with the nature.

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