• Definition, pathophysiology, aetiologies (structural lesions, herniation syndromes, metabolic disturbances) of coma. Physical examination and investigations. Differential diagnosis - the pseudocomas. Prognostic signs in coma from global cerebral ischemia.

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  • The complement system - part of the immune system as a set of complex proteins. History of the concept. Its biological functions, regulation, role in diseases. Stages of activation: the alternative and lectin pathway. Mannose-binding Lectin deficiency.

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  • Основные возбудители внутрибольничных инфекций. Выделение микроорганизмов из воздуха и объектов внешней среды. Идентификация возбудителей. Бактериологический контроль качества стерилизации шовного и перевязочного материала, хирургического инструментария.

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  • "Damage control" как современная концепция лечения пострадавших с критической политравмой. Хирургическое лечение всех повреждений в первые 24 часа. Одновременное выполнение бригадами хирургов трепанации черепа и остеосинтеза закрытого перелома бедра.

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  • Different classification schemes for dementias. His reasons. Risk Factors for Dementia. Dementia is diagnosed by using many methods such as patient's medical and family history, physical exam, neurological evaluations, cognitive and neuropsychological.

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  • The term dental caries refers to tooth decay or cavities in teeth. The decay is made by bacteria destroying parts of the tooth. Dental caries usually lead to substandard breath and bad taste. Personal hygiene caring consists of brushing and flossing.

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  • Программа DOTS - новое слово в борьбе с туберкулезом. Курс ускоренной амбулаторной терапии, проходящий под непосредственным наблюдением. Строго контролируемое лечение коротким курсом химиотерапии. Децентрализация системы диагностики и лечения больных.

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  • Addiction as a brain disease. Why Some are Addicted and others not. Symptoms of drug addiction. Local treatment facilities. Tips for recovery. Interesting statistics. Mental disorders, depression or anxiety. Method of drug use: smoking or injecting.

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  • Disease of the calcified tissues of the teeth. Demineralization of the mineral portion of enamel and dentine followed by disintegration of their organic material. Classification of caries. Prevention and treatment of caries. The composition of the pulp.

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  • Epilepsy is a group of neurological diseases characterized by epileptic seizures. Epileptic seizures are episodes that can vary from brief and nearly undetectable to long periods of vigorous shaking. Differential diagnosis and prevention of epilepsy.

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  • Features of the structure and anatomy of the heart, it's main functions and tasks in the body. Changes taking place in the human heart in the course of his life from birth to aging. Age-related disorders in the blood supply system and the heart.

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  • Analysis of factors affecting the health and human disease. Determination of the risk factors for health (Genetic Factors, State of the Environment, Medical care, living conditions). A healthy lifestyle is seen as the basis for disease prevention.

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  • Food and Drug Administration как орган общественного здравоохранения федерального уровня. Закон о предотвращении вирусных инфекций в ответ на распространение зараженного столбняком дифтерийного токсина. Меры против нарушителей в отношении продуктов.

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  • Ulcer - is a defect of gastric or duodenal mucosa which interfere over lamina muscularis mucosae, submucosa. Pathogenesis of the disease, its provocative factors. Classification and types of ulcers. Symptoms of gastric ulcer disease, complications.

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  • Learning about peptic ulcers, a hole in the gut lining of the stomach, duodenum or esophagus. Symptoms of a peptic ulcer. Modified classification of gastroduodenal ulcers. Macroscopic and microscopic appearance. Differential diagnosis and treatment.

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  • Orderliness (methodical) of the general inspection. The patient's position in bed. Constitution types - set of congenital and acquired the morphological and functional characteristics of the organism. Distinctive features of the constitutional types.

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  • Характеристика стандарта GMP в России как свода норм, правил и указаний в отношении производства лекарственных средств, медицинских устройств, продуктов питания. Анализ системы управления качеством продукции. Основные документы по хранению лекарств.

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  • Нарушение мышечно-сухожильного баланса. Три основные стадии деформации первого пальца стопы. Консервативные методы лечения. Использование ортопедических приспособлений. Проведение "операция Шеде". Искусственное укрепление поперечного свода стопы.

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  • 8 bad habits that reduce youth and life. Effect of nicotine to the brain, nervous system and the associated excess sweating. The composition of tobacco smoke. Closely relation of sport and health. The harm of smoking for women, the human psyche.

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  • Понятие и главные причины Hellp-синдрома как редкой и опасной патологии в акушерстве, его эпидемиология, клиническая картина и симптомы. Классификация и типы данного синдрома, этиология и патогенез. Принципы диагностики и лечения, методы профилактики.

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