• Захват информационного пространства России - захват всей власти в ней. Основные технологии манипуляции человеческим сознанием. Сущность понятия "общественное мнение". Журналистское право формировать сознание человеческого общества и вершить его судьбой.

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  • Functions of democracy as forms of political organization. Its differences from dictatorship and stages of historical development. Signs and methods of stabilizing of civil society. Essence of social order and duty, examples of public establishments.

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  • Barack Hussein Obama and Dmitry Medvedev: childhood years and family, work in politics before the presidential election and political views, the election, the campaign and presidency. The role, significance of these presidents of their countries history.

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  • The classical definition of democracy. Typical theoretical models of democracy. The political content of democracy. Doctrine of liberal and pluralistic democracy. Concept of corporate political science and other varieties of proletarian democracy.

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  • The definition of democracy as an ideal model of social structure. Definition of common features of modern democracy as a constitutional order and political regime of the system. Characterization of direct, plebiscite and representative democracy species.

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  • The situation of women affected by armed conflict and political violence. The complexity of the human rights in them. Influence of gender element in the destruction of the family and society as a result of hostilities. Analysis of the Rwandan Genocide.

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  • Referendum - a popular vote in any country of the world, which resolved important matters of public life. Usually in a referendum submitted questions, the answers to which are the words "yes" or "no". Especially, forms, procedure of referendums.

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  • Democracy as theoretical number of important qualities, that are important for human development. The general protection of property and the almost complete absence of taxes. Main details of enjoying full democracy. Analyzing democracy in reality.

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  • The rivalry between Islam and Chistianity, between Al-Andalus and the Christian kingdoms, between the Christian and Ottoman empires triggered conflicts of interests and ideologies. The cultural explanation of political situations in the Muslim world.

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  • Leading role Society Gard Kresevo (USC) in organizing social and political life of the Poland. The Polish People's Movement of Vilna Earth. The influence of the Polish Central Electoral Committee. The merger of the TNG "Emancipation" and PNC "Revival".

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  • Study of legal nature of the two-party system of Great Britain. Description of political activity of conservative party of England. Setting of social and economic policies of political parties. Value of party constitution and activity of labour party.

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  • Сущность политической рекламы, ее функции и цели, средства достижения эффективности. Специфика политической рекламы в США и в Российской Федерации. Специфические черты PR на выборах украинской Верховной Рады, проблемы и успехи предвыборной кампании.

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  • Имидж политика и его составляющие. Роль паблик рилейшенз в формировании политического имиджа. Анализ PR в контексте избирательных компаний: проблемы "за" и "против" - стратегия и тактика. Сотрудничество политических партий и средств массовой информации.

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  • Сущность PR технологий и политической рекламы. Политические субъекты конкурентной борьбы. Правовое регулирование PR-деятельности в политической сфере. Участие СМИ в формировании имиджа современного политика. Зарубежный опыт регулирования PR технологий.

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  • Presidential candidates. Learning the information of the Electoral College, to understanding the process by which the President is officially elected. The formal ceremony of presidential inauguration, including the information about its time, place.

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  • N. Nazarbayev is the head of state, Commander-in-chief and holder of the highest office within of Kazakhstan. B. Obama II is the head of state and head of government of the United States. Queen Elizabeth II as head of a monarchy of the United Kingdom.

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  • Анализ структур, проблем и тенденций развития технологий Public Relations в системе государственной службы (на примере Управления пресс-службы и информации Президента). Ее основные задачи и функции. Предложения по улучшению функционирования пресс-службы.

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  • Women predominate among graduates in the fields of health, education and society and culture. The K. Betts-Robert Birrell bunch's anti-migration version of the "new class" theory. Racism is not innate in "human nature". Why Betts and company can't win.

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  • Thus democracy and modernism are closely intertwined, each providing a driving force. Darwinism, Freudianism, Leninism and Marxism combined to throw doubt on traditional Western mores, culture and standards of behavior. Rights Without Responsibility.

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  • Thrее basic Marxist criteria. Rеlаting tо thе fоrmеr USSR. Nоtеs tо rеstоrе thе socialist prоjеct. Оrigins оf thе Intеrnаtiоnаl Sоciаlists. Thе stаtе cаpitаlist thеоry. Stаtе capitalism аnd thе fаll оf thе burеаucrаcy. Lоcаl prаcticе аnd pеrspеctivеs.

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