• The need for human society in the social security. Guarantee of social security in old age, in case of an illness full or partial disability, loss of the supporter, and also in other cases provided by the law. Role of social provision in social work.

    презентация (824,4 K)
  • Understanding of social stratification and social inequality. Scientific conceptions of stratification of the society. An aggregated socio-economic status. Stratification and types of stratification profile. Social stratification of modern society.

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  • Social structure as one of the main regulators of social dynamic. The structure of the social system: social communities, social institutions, social groups, social organizations. The structure of social space. The subsystem of society by T. Parsons.

    презентация (548,2 K)
  • The essence of the terms "Company" and "State" from a sociological point of view. Description criteria for the political independence of citizens. Overview of the types of human society. The essence of the basic theories on the origin of society.

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  • Teenagers have a particular relationship with the world. They always try to express their individuality. Popular way of expressing the individuality. Teenagers join the group. The reasons of the problems. But are there only problems in teens life?

    презентация (1,1 M)
  • Problems in school and with parents. Friendship and love. Education as a great figure in our society. The structure of employed young people in Russia. Taking drugs and smoking as the first serious and actual problem. Informal movements or subcultures.

    контрольная работа (178,7 K)
  • American marriage pattern, its types, statistics and trends among different social groups and ages. The reasons of marriage and divorce and analyzing the statistics of divorce and it’s impact on people. The position of children in American family.

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  • The interpretations of cybernetics. The term "cybernetics" has been associated with many stimulating conferences, yet cybernetics has not thrived as an organized scientific field within American universities. Questions about the history of cybernetics.

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  • The concept of public: from ancient times to era of Web 2.0. Global public communication. "Charlie Hebdo" case. Transition of public from on-line to off-line. Case study: from blog to political party. "M5S Public": features and mechanisms of transition.

    дипломная работа (2,7 M)
  • Overpopulation, pollution, Global Warming, Stupidity, Obesity, Habitat Destruction, Species Extinction, Religion. The influence of unemployment in America on the economy. The interaction of society with other societies, the emergence of global problems.

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  • Study the opinion of elderly people and young people about youth culture. Subculture as a group of people with the same interests and views on life. Passion for today's youth to heavy music, computers, dance parties and special styles of clothing.

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  • Four common social classes. Karl Marx's social theory of class. Analysis the nature of class relations. The conflict as the key driving force of history and the main determinant of social trajectories. Today’s social classes. Postindustrial societies.

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  • Global Feminist Revolution. Women’s Emancipation Movement. Feminism in International Relations and Discrimination. Gender discrimination. Women in the History of International Relations. Women Officials in the contemporary International Relations.

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  • The study of human populations. Demographic prognoses. The contemplation about future social developments. The population increase. Life expectancy. The international migration. The return migration of highly skilled workers to their home countries.

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  • Сущность проблемы абсентеизма в России и определение ее актуальности на современном этапе. Политический, трудовой, земледельческий абсентеизм, условия и предпосылки их возникновения, место в российском обществе, основные пути и направления ликвидации.

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  • Изучение правил написания автобиографии, познания самого себя, средств работы над самим собой и своим характером. Описания сбора и систематизации социологических сведений о родителя, дедах и прадедах, составления родословной и генеалогического дерева.

    практическая работа (334,0 K)
  • Составление автобиографии и самоанализ: личные сведения, семейное положение, социализация личности, качества и жизненные цели. Составление родословной: сведения о родителях, о бабушках и дедушках, порядок и принципы составления генеалогического древа.

    контрольная работа (18,2 K)
  • Краткий очерк жизни, личностного и творческого становления английского физика, социолога и философа Герберта Спенсера. Идея эволюции в творчестве Спенсера, разработка теории социал-дарвинизма. Описание военного и промышленного исторического общества.

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  • Характеристика собственной жизни индивида, жизни его родителей и далеких предков в контексте социальной истории. Установление и осмысление связей между личной жизнью индивида и его родословной с обществом. Углубленный самоанализ с целью самопознания.

    курсовая работа (58,3 K)
  • Сообщение личных данных, семейного положения, процесса социализации индивида и его жизненных целей в автобиографической работе. Представление сведений о родителях, бабушках и дедушках в родословной. Основные этапы построения генеалогического древа.

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