• Psychology of the incentive. Benefits of Incentive Travel. Group and Individual Incentives. Cruise Incentives. Travel incentives are a reward subset of an incentive, recognition or a loyalty program. The growing importance of religious tourism.

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  • Problem: Nobody deals with workouts that have the form. Benefits of our gyms. The advantages described gym, range of services provided. Necessary and sufficient area of the premises under a fitness club. The number of visits to the gym in a week.

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  • Buckingham Palace is the most famous place in London. Big Ben is the biggest Bell in the clock tower in Britain. Hamleys is the biggest toy shop in London. Trafalgar Square is the most popular place for people to meet. Wax Museum Madame Tussaud.

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  • The world’s most famous tennis tournament is Wimbledon. It started at a small club in south London in the nineteenth century. It begins on the nearest Monday to June 22. Some of the most well-known Wimbledon champions are: B. Becker, S. Graf, M. Seles.

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  • The Olympic Games have a very long history. It is old tradition in the world of sports. The Olympic Games take place every four years. The Olympic Games Committee decides the place of the Olympic Games and the sports that the athletes will compete in.

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  • Paintballing is one of the most popular outdoor participation sports around. Dress of paintball, the paintball guns used by Paintballgame. Rules in Paintball, team death match, two flags game. The basic cooperation is necessary in this game type.

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  • Coцiaльнo-eкoнoмiчнa cутнicть тa пpoвiднi функцiї pекpеaцiї. Клacифiкaцiя peкpeaцiйнoї дiяльнocтi. Пpoблеми paцioнaльнoгo викopиcтaння pеcуpcнoгo пoтенцiaлу тa шляхи їх виpiшення. Poзвитoк peкpeaцiйнoгo пoтeнцiaлу Укpaїни: oцiнкa умoв тa пеpcпектив.

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  • Рассмотрение понятия "public relations" и его функций (контроль поведения общественности, достижение взаимовыгодных отношений). Изучение основных аспектов лояльности в бизнесе. Характеристика технологии связей с потребителями для гостиничного бизнеса.

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  • PR-акции департаментов по туризму. Разделение стран мира на группы, с точки зрения туризма. Направления основных методов PR-деятельности. Основные направления деятельности туристических фирм в области public relations. Примеры PR-акций некоторых стран.

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  • История возникновения системы Rotel – путешествия в передвижных автобусах-гостиницах. Обустройство и типы номеров. Формирование туристических групп Rotel Tours, хранение багажа. Приготовление завтраков и состав меню туристов, спектр посещаемых мест.

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  • Sightseeing tour of London. Attractions: Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Chapel of Henry VII, the Palace of Westminster, together with Victoria Tower and the Clock Tower - which houses the most famous clock in the world, Big Ben.

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  • Sights of cities of Germany. The fall of the Berlin Wall. The Reichstag building. New Synagogue - one of the greatest synagogues in the world. The Brandenburg Gate. Hamburg for Germany is its gate in the world. Munich is the capital city of Bavaria.

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  • The Tower of London as one of the most imposing of London's historical sites. Westminster Abbey as one of the most attractive constructions. St Paul's Cathedral is one of the most famous buildings in the world. Trafalgar Square. The British Museum.

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  • Historical background, names of national sports, borrowed games. Problems and prospects of American sport. Professional sport. The business of sport. Olympic Games and the names of American heroes. Leisure sports. Sports at colleges. Unusual sports.

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  • Sport in my life. Sports in Russia. Sports in Great Britain. The Olympic Games. Sports and Healthy Way of Life. Sport is not only for champions. All over the world people of different ages are very fond of sports and games.

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  • Вуличне тренування — масовий рух, заснований на заняттях фізичною культурою із застосуванням тренувального обладнання в громадських об'єктах. Походження та історія розповсюдження Street workout в країнах СНД. Види та напрямки розвитку дворової гімнастики.

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  • London is the British capital and one of the biggest cities in the world. Sightseeing of the city - Tower Bridge, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, museums and galleries, the Palace of Westminster. History Trafalgar Square, St. Paul's Cathedral.

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  • Become familiar with the holding of the first Olympic Games in ancient Greece in 776 BC Description of the data symbol games - intertwined colored rings represent the unity of the five continents. The study species medals strength symbol of fire.

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  • Historical development in travel and tourism industry, its structure. The impact of national economic policy in Scotland for success in this area. The function of government, state bodies in the industry. Factors affecting tourism demand in the country.

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  • Paris - is the capital and largest city of France. The flag and the emblem of Paris. The History and Sights of Paris, field of Mars, Moulin-Rouge. Disneyland is the largest leisure Park in Europe. View of Paris from the height of the Montparnasse tower.

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