History of aircraft construction

The inventors of the first airplane - brothers Wright. The famous Russian and soviet aircraft designers. A. Tupolev. S.V. Ilyushin. Pavel Osipovich Sukhoi. Inventors that continued to improve airplanes, which are used by military and commercial airlines.

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  • History, basic stages and directions of development of the first aircraft, its operating principle and internal structure. The study of this subject the Wright brothers, assessment of their contribution to the development of aircraft, its evolution.

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  • Business strategy of NAC "Uzbekistan airways technics". Modernization and unification of the fleet, expansion of production capacity for technical servicing of aircraft. Process design aircraft repair of composite panels. Total price of modification.

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  • Inspected damages: visual inspection of the aircrafts which are present in the hangar: damages of a fuselage, of an engine, of a wing, of a tail unit, of a landing gear. Accident emergency landings (on ground and on water); emergency water landings.

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  • Крупнейшие авиакомпании мира: "American Airlines", "Air France-KLM", "United Airlines", "Delta AirLines", "Southwes Airlines", "Thomson Airways", "British Airways", "Japan Airlines". Размер технического парка и общий объем пассажирских перевозок.

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  • The first rapid-transit system. History Metropolitan Railway. Network topologies, construction stages of London's Metropolitan Railway. Safety and security. Infrastructure 5-Line of Metro de Santiago (Chile), The Soviet Union's stations, Stockholm metro.

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  • The airplane in straight-and-level unaccelerated flight is acted on by four forces. The four forces are lift, gravity, thrust and drag. Flight Control Surfaces. The primary flight controls are the ailerons, elevator and rudder. Laminar Flow Airfoil.

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  • Общие сведения и основные характеристики самолета SSJ-100. Разработка технологического процесса сборки консоли ОЧК самолета Sukhoi 100 SuperJet. Требования к точности и качеству сборочно-монтажных работ по обеспечению аэродинамической формы планера.

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  • Сущность и история появления программ премирования пассажиров. Характеристика бонусных программ основных авиакомпаний: Аэрофлот, Korean Air, Delta, AeroMexico, Alitalia, Flying Blue, American Airlines. Набор и использование миль при регулярных полетах.

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  • Warning Sign, Regulatory Sign, Guide Sign, Stop and Yield Sign, Construction Signs, Marker Signs, Recreational Signs, Service Signs. Information on the availability of gas, food and lodging. State route marker signs. Right-of-way at intersections.

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  • Construction of zone and flight plan. Modeling of zone in experimental program "Potok". Analysis of main flow direction of modeled airspace. Analysis of modeled airspace "Ivlieva_South" and determination of main flow direction, intensity, density.

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