• The notion of substance, the principles and characteristics of their treatment, as well as a reflection of these processes in the legislation of the state. Methods of dealing with illegal distribution of substances, the their effects on the human psyche.

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  • History of the basis of New York, its site and influence on world trade, press, the finance, art, a fashion, researches, technologies, formation and entertainment. The characteristic of the population, areas and the basic places of interest of city.

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  • New York is the largest city in the U.S. History of formation of city. The Big Apple is the second name in New York. The city's population. The Fifth Avenue is a street in downtown Manhattan. Staten Island Ferry. A feature of the New York subway.

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  • Some information about english speaking countries: Canada, USA, Australia. The history of country, geographic position, climate, landscapes and islands, unique flora and fauna of New Zealand. Its political structure, dominant cultural groups and economy.

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  • Geographical location of New Zealand, its capital, population, climate and relief. National Emblem. The indigenous people of New Zealand. Maori Art. The two main islands of New Zealand. National Parks. Flora and fauna of New Zealand. The City of Nelson.

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  • New Zealand is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Wellington is the capital city and second most populous urban area of New Zealand. Auckland is a city of volcanoes with the ridges of lava, the most multicultural of New Zealand’s cities.

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  • Biography. Kidman was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. She lived in the United States until she was four, when her family moved to Australia. Kidman's most professionally successful year was 2001.

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  • Nikola Tesla - an inventor, mechanical and electrical engineer, which works helped usher in the Second Industrial Revolution. Early years, education. Work as an engineer for the Continental Edison Company. Schumann resonance. Directed-energy weapon.

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  • История американской рок-группы Nirvana. Ранние годы, первые выпуски пластинок. Работа с продюсером Стивом Альбини. Гастроли по Европе. Судьба вокалиста и гитариста группы Курта Кобейна, его последние годы и смерть. Студийные и концертные альбомы.

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  • Forms and methods of non-price competition: the introduction of new products, sales promotion, advertising and public relations. The role of advertising in shaping consumer product demand. Functions of advertising as a key element of the market economy.

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  • The principles of nonlinear multi-mode coupling. Consider a natural quasi-linear mechanical system with distributed parameters. Parametric approach, the theory of normal forms, according to a method of normal forms. Resonance in multi-frequency systems.

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  • Nonverbal methods of dialogue and wrong interpretation of gestures. Historical both a cultural value and universal components of language of a body. Importance of a mimicry in a context of an administrative communication facility and in an everyday life.

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  • The principles of the international law and the international contracts are the component of legal system of the Russian Federation. The question of application of the norms of the international law and contracts in activity of the Constitutional Court.

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  • North Carolina: map, state flag, seal. The Dogwood as state flower. Humid, subtropical climate of the state. Top industries in North Carolina in 2000 year. Famouthe North Carolinians: Dolley Payne Madison, Thomas Clayton Wolfe. Cherokee Beer Zoo.

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  • Diversity of dialects of the Old English period. Analysis of dialectal words of Northern English in the modern language. Differences between dialects and Standard language; investigation of differences between their grammar, pronunciation and spelling.

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  • Features of Northern English dialects in old and modern English periods. Characteristic of Yorkshire and Northumberland dialects. A dialect as a form of a language that is spoken in a particular area and has its own words, grammar and pronunciation.

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  • Some interesting facts about Northern Ireland. The only official flag is the Union Flag also known as the "Ulster Banner" or "Red Hand Flag". National country symbol: harp. Outstanding people related to Ireland: Seamus Heaney, Van Morrison, Eddie Irvine.

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  • Ireland is a land of ancient castles, sheep, traditional pubs, mountains, rocks, ocean and sandy beaches, a unique and beautiful combination of ancient and modern. The country of eternal spring. The National Flag of Northern Ireland, the State Emblem.

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  • Оболочка Norton Commander. Командная строка программы. Работа с меню. Редактирование файлов. Параметры конфигурации. Структура файлов оболочки. Создание и настройка меню команд пользователя. Определение действий в зависимости от расширения имени файла.

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  • Objet d'etude de la lexicologie. Les aspects synchronique et diachronique desetudes lexicologiques. Le vocabulaire en tant que systeme. Le mot - unitefondamentale de la langue. Caracteristique phonetique des mots en francais moderne. L'identite du mot.

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