• Teenagers have a particular relationship with the world. They always try to express their individuality. Popular way of expressing the individuality. Teenagers join the group. The reasons of the problems. But are there only problems in teens life?

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  • Problems in school and with parents. Friendship and love. Education as a great figure in our society. The structure of employed young people in Russia. Taking drugs and smoking as the first serious and actual problem. Informal movements or subcultures.

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  • Varieties of English in different regions of Britain and various countries of the world. Sociolinguistics as the branch of linguistics, studying aspects of language – phonetics, lexic and grammar with reference to their social functions in the society.

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  • The historical background of the spread of English and different varieties of the language. Differences between British English and other accents and to distinguish their peculiarities. Lexical, phonological, grammar differences of the English language.

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  • Terrorism in Spain, Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA): it's history, structure and tactics. The Problems of Ireland, paramilitary groups of Irish Republican Army (IRA): their activity, strength and support. The history of Marxist Greek terrorist organisation.

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  • Strengthening of international fight against terrorism. Terrorism in Spain, in Northern Ireland, in Greece. The number of European deaths from terror. The phenomenon of terrorism exits everywhere, in spite of the geographical location, level of democracy.

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  • Основная информация о "Tesla Motors" - американской высокотехнологичной компании, производящей спортивные электромобили. Первые спонсоры проекта создания электромобиля - Элон Маск, Сергей Брин и Ларри Пейдж. Технические характеристики Tesla Roadster.

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  • Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone that is present in both men and women. How to get a test for testosterone correctly. Testosterone in men: the norm and deviation. What diseases involve reduction of testosterone. Too much testosterone.

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  • Совместный казахстанско-американский банк. Финансовые показатели деятельности банка. Займы, предоставленные клиентам. Динамика роста займов клиентам. Динамика пассивов. Структура доходов и расходов. Основные направления развития банка.

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  • Systematic framework for external analysis. Audience, medium and place of communication. The relevance of the dimension of time and text function. General considerations on the concept of style. Intratextual factors in translation text analysis.

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  • William Saroyan (1908–81) was a successful playwright. As in most of his stories, William Saroyan presents, in Piano, a casual episode of the common life. The main narrative code employed is the documentary one, which reproduces a true-to life situation.

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  • TeX как система компьютерной верстки, разработанная Д. Кнутом в целях создания компьютерной типографии: знакомство с отличительными особенностями, анализ возможностей. Общая характеристика ТеХовских пакетов, рассмотрение основных программных продуктов.

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  • Принципы формирования изображения на всех существующих типах дисплеев. Жидкокристаллический монитор и его особенности. Принцип действия и углы обзора TFT-LCD дисплеев, их плюсы и минусы. Наиболее распространенные технологии изготовления TFT-LCD.

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  • Women predominate among graduates in the fields of health, education and society and culture. The K. Betts-Robert Birrell bunch's anti-migration version of the "new class" theory. Racism is not innate in "human nature". Why Betts and company can't win.

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  • Greenpeace is like a non-political organization which dials with most urgent ecological problems and protests against weapon tests, sea and soil pollution. The structure of organization and arrangement its headquarters. The goal and common mission.

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  • History of introduction of a modern banking system to the Muslim countries, features of their development and functioning in today's market economy. Perspectives of future development of Islamic banking in the world and in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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  • The definition of alcohol abuse, its symptoms, signs and association with violence. The characteristic of binge drinking. Economic, biologic and social factors of alcohol dependence, the prevention measures of it in The United States and Europe.

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  • Studying of a structure of a digestive path of the person. Organs that are not in the Alimentary tract but helps in the digestion. Structures in the mouth that aids digestion, anatomy of the Mouth and Throat. Features of the mechanism of swallowing.

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  • American marriage pattern, its types, statistics and trends among different social groups and ages. The reasons of marriage and divorce and analyzing the statistics of divorce and it’s impact on people. The position of children in American family.

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