• Werbung ist aus der sicht der anbieter ein mittel. Die studieninhalte werbung im hinblick auf den verbraucherschutz beim kauf von waren. Bilden sie konjunktiv (prasens und perfekt, prateritum, wurde+infinitiv) nach dem Muster. Direkte und indirekte rede.

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  • History of creation Westminster Abbey, its restoration in the Gothic style in honor of Edward the Confessor. Erection under the direction by Sir Christopher Wren and Nicholas Hawksmoor two western towers as an early example of Gothic Revival design.

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  • Types of microorganisms. Viruses consist of genetic materials. Bacteria are organisms made up of just one cell. Algae are a type of living thing. Fungi are like plants that are not "green", they do not have the photosynthetic pigment chlorophyll.

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  • Collection of questions about America: who discovered, its first president, the national symbol and sport. The capital of the US and the location of the Statue of Liberty. The colors of the American flag and the date of Independence Day celebrations.

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  • I like my school very much because I have spent the best years of my short life there. But in spite of it I dislike the whole system of education. What concerns my school the pupils are not free in their choice of the subjects.

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  • The properties of conductors of electricity. The electric field is as the forces in the space around a charged body. Diagrams of the electric field and the lines of force in the neighborhoods of charged bodies, the elements of an electrical condenser.

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  • Study the opinion of elderly people and young people about youth culture. Subculture as a group of people with the same interests and views on life. Passion for today's youth to heavy music, computers, dance parties and special styles of clothing.

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  • Recent studies conducted by psychologists, philosophers and religious leaders worldwide. The depth of love. The influence of behavior on feelings. Biological models of sex. Psychology depicts love. Caring about another person. Features teenage love.

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  • Definition of management. The aim of all managers. Their levels: executives, mid-managers and supervisors. The content and value of basic components of management: planning, organizing, coordinating, staffing, directing, controlling and evaluating.

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  • Every day the world economy becomes more global. This tendency hasn't avoided Ukraine. Many domestic companies have already felt on themselves negative consequences of this process. New conditions of business dealing is first of all new possibilities.

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  • The world political and economic situation on the beginning of the twentieth century. The formation of the alliances between the European states as one of the most important causes of World War One. Nationalism and it's place in the world conflict.

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  • The Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation essentially promotes entailment in life of the principles of justice, democracy. Analyze the judicial practice of the Constitutional Court of Republic Adygea. The Republican interpretation of freedom.

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  • This extended essay is about the Kamikaze pilots who made suicide attacks from the air during the Pacific War. This paper aims to find who the pilots really were and how they felt about their suicide mission.

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  • In the world there are thousands of different languages. How indeed modern English is optimum mean for intercourse of people of different nationalities. Knowledge of English is needed for the effective teaching subsequent work and improvement of our life.

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  • Global Warming is the greatest environmental threat of the 21st Century. The causes and effects of global warming. Explanation of the effects of global warming in both MEDCs and LEDCs. Evaluation of the different viewpoints held about global warming.

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  • Explanation of the causes of global warming. Power point presentation investigating the following question. Explanation of the effects of global warming in both MEDCs and LEDCs. Evaluation of the different viewpoints held about global warming by MEDCs.

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  • Four common social classes. Karl Marx's social theory of class. Analysis the nature of class relations. The conflict as the key driving force of history and the main determinant of social trajectories. Today’s social classes. Postindustrial societies.

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  • Понятие стандартов беспроводной передачи данных. Оборудование для работы в стандарте Wi-Fi - клиенты и точки доступа. Основные способы организации беспроводной сети – клиент-сервер и точка-точка. Конструкция и порядок изготовления Wi-Fi антенны.

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  • Исследование обычной схемы Wi-Fi сети. Изучение особенностей подключения двух клиентов и их соединения. Излучение от Wi-Fi устройств в момент передачи данных. Описания высокоскоростных стандартов беспроводных сетей. Пространственное разделение потоков.

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  • Сущность и использование Wi-Fi, этапы его создания. Прицип работы беспроводной сети. Скорость передачи данных по Wi-Fi. Особенности преимуществ и недостатков данного способа, использование в игровой индустрии. Способы настройки и работа в Интернет.

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