• History of the approval status of women from ancient times to the Middle Ages. Legislative regulation of the rights and obligations of women in the nineteenth century in England. A brief description of the life the most famous of the fairer sex.

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  • The first women’s liberation leaflet in Australia at a demonstration against the Vietnam war. The dress sense and appearance of the women. Struggle as a central movement that can unite women and men in the fight against sexism all over the world.

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  • Microsoft Word – текстовий редактор для створення і редагування текстових документів. Листи і факси, записки і звіти, публікації і web-сторінки - далеко не повний перелік документів, з якими користувач може працювати за допомогою Microsoft Word.

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  • Назначение и классификация текстовых редакторов. Характеристики и новые возможности MSOffice Word 2007. Оценка графических преимуществ и возможностей текстового редактора. Сравнительные характеристики возможностей OpenOffice.org Writer и Word 2007.

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  • The study of human populations. Demographic prognoses. The contemplation about future social developments. The population increase. Life expectancy. The international migration. The return migration of highly skilled workers to their home countries.

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  • Finding the basic word order. Sentence word orders. Word order in different sentences: statements; questions; commands. Compound and complex sentences. Functions of sentence word order. Phrase word orders and branching. Normal atmospheric conditions.

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  • The nature of English word stress - the key to excellent pronunciation and understanding of English. English speakers use word stress to communicate rapidly and accurately, even in difficult conditions. Word stress tendencies and functions, variation.

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  • General guidelines on word stress: one word has only one stress; stress vowels, not consonants. Origins of the word stress and the notion of accent. English accentuation tendencies. Typical patterns of stress of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

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  • The morphological structure of a word. Morphemes. Types of morphemes. Allomorphs. Structural types of words. Principles of morphemic analysis. Derivational level of analysis. Stems. Types of stems. Derivational types of words.

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  • Операционная система Windows, офисные приложения, такие как Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, ABBY FineReader. Глобальные компьютерные сети.

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  • Информационный поиск: векторная модель (vector-space model). Ранжирование документов по мере их соответствия запросу. Традиционные методы оценки эффективности поиска. Концептуальное индексирование. Разрешение многозначности. Board: значения и иерархия.

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  • Программа WordPad. Технология работы. Типы файлов, используемые редактором WordPad. WordPad представляет собой текстовый редактор для работы с небольшими документами. Он допускает несложное форматирования абзацев, а также использование различных шрифтов.

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  • Path of blood through the heart. The cardiac cycle. Cardiac Output. The Heartbeat. Intrinsic Control of Heartbeat. Conduction system of the heart. Extrinsic Control of Heartbeat. The Electrocardiogram. The cross-sectional area of arteries and arterioles.

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  • The availability of sufficient working capital enterprises optimal structure - a prerequisite for normal functioning in a market economy. Company's current assets is one of the main objects of Financial Management submitted in cash and monetary system.

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  • Description and operating principles of Air-Conditioning System of Tu-154. Principal scheme of ACS. Theoretical base of algorithm developing process. Functions of the system failures. Description of obtained algorithm of malfunctions discovering.

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  • William Shakespeare as the father of English literature and the great author of America. His place in drama of 16th century and influence on American English. Literary devices in works and development style. Basic his works: classification and chronology.

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  • Canadian military achievement during the First World War and support for Great Britain during the World War. The Conscription Crisis of 1944 between French and English-speaking Canadians. The reputation of Canadian troops and malitary losses in war.

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  • Всемирная паутина как распределенная система, предоставляющая доступ к связанным между собой документам, расположенным на компьютерах, подключенных к Интернету, ее технологии и возможности, история и перспективы. Понятие и эволюция протоколов связи.

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  • Oil prices in the world play an important role in each country’s economy, most of the countries with strong economies are less likely to benefit from low oil prices, as they are bringing less profit, causing more extra spending and environmental problems.

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  • Создание World Wide Web как единства информационных ресурсов. Разработка и внедрение технологических стандартов для Интернета и Всемирной паутины. Применение гипертекста для построения информационной среды. Использование специальной программы браузеры.

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