• Вредоносное использование фундаментальных уязвимостей DNS. Использование Fast flux для распределения нагрузки, защита веб-сайтов. Отравление кеша. Криптография, проверка подлинности адресной информации. Административная структура управления доменами.

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  • Структура доменного имени. Категории записи DNS. Отличия в настройке файрволов, основанных на использовании прокси или без него. Услуги и возможности, предлагаемые DDNS-сервисами. Схема определения IP-адреса по имени домена. Основные принципы работы DNS.

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  • The situation of women affected by armed conflict and political violence. The complexity of the human rights in them. Influence of gender element in the destruction of the family and society as a result of hostilities. Analysis of the Rwandan Genocide.

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  • Factors, the causes and consequences of dollarization for Post-Soviet Union countries. Methods of calculation of deposit interest rates. The estimated exchange rate coefficient encompasses two effects: dollar appreciation and foreign exchange operations.

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  • The value of domestic tourism for the Russian economy: an increase in jobs in hotels, restaurants, food industry and transport. Stages of development of domestic tourism in post-revolutionary and Soviet periods. Treatment, athletic and business tourism.

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  • The Spanish Empire as one of the largest empires in world history and the first of global extent. Seaborne trade. Broken Spain and England's relations. The main reasons of war. Some main facts about the Spanish Armada. The first colony of England.

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  • Air, water and soil as necessity for existence of all living things. Importance of solving the environmental problems that endanger people's lives. Water and air pollution. Pesticides, rubbish and poison-beware. Reduction of pollution. Drainage systems.

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  • Программа DOTS - новое слово в борьбе с туберкулезом. Курс ускоренной амбулаторной терапии, проходящий под непосредственным наблюдением. Строго контролируемое лечение коротким курсом химиотерапии. Децентрализация системы диагностики и лечения больных.

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  • Description of the general laws of physical and colloid chemistry of disperse systems and surface phenomena. The doctrine of adsorption, surface forces, stability of disperse systems. Mathematical description. Methods of research. Double electric layer.

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  • The essence of double entry principle of balance. Double entry accounting as a method in which each transaction is recorded in two separate accounts. Double entry bookkeeping. Assets are tangible and intangible items of value. Interpreting balance sheet.

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  • In spite of being exclusively regional phenomenon, Double Modals are significant and commonly acknowledged realia of Modern American English. Like the other multiword modals they are taking their own function in human communication processes.

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  • The relationship between Europe and Israel. Two Types of International Law. Double standards of United States of America at home and abroad, сriticism of it's foreign policy: support of dictatorships, imperialism, excessive militarism, arrogance.

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  • Addiction as a brain disease. Why Some are Addicted and others not. Symptoms of drug addiction. Local treatment facilities. Tips for recovery. Interesting statistics. Mental disorders, depression or anxiety. Method of drug use: smoking or injecting.

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  • Description situation of the drugs in the world. Factors and tendencies of development of drugs business. Analysis kinds of drugs, their stages of manufacture and territory of sale. Interrelation of drugs business with other global problems of mankind.

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  • Estimation de l'unite de la resistance des materiaux largement utilises dans les structures statiques et des disciplines connexes a la conception de pieces de machines, les batiments, ponts et routes. Analyse de l'etat de contraintes dans de la tige.

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  • Dubai - the largest city of the United Arab Emirates and the administrative center of Dubai, the largest commercial, financial and tourist center of the Middle East. The main areas of the city. Burj Khalifa, Palm Islands, Emirates Towers, Burj Al Arab.

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  • The clandestine tradition in Australian historiography. Russell Ward's Concise History of Australia. Abolishing the Catholics, Macintyre's selection of sources. Macintyre's historical method, abolishes Langism. Fundamental flaws in Macintyre's account.

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  • Digital Versatile Disk - цифровой многофункциональный диск. Основы устройства DVD. Возможности использования DVD. Новые форматы дисков. Отличие CD от DVD. Емкость хранимых данных. Новейшие стандарты Blu-Ray и HD DVD.

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  • Физические основы устройства DVD-дисков и приводов, скорость передачи данных и время доступа. Современные форм-факторы DVD-приводов и основные принципы записи на диски. Стандарты компрессии звука и видео. Совместимость и защита интеллектуального права.

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  • Evolutionary and revolutionary ways of development of mankind. Most appreciable for mankind by stages of development of a civilization. The disclosing of secret of genome of the man. Recession in an economy and in morality in Russia. Decision of problems.

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