• Вживання німецької лексики на тему "Die Natur" під час уроку німецької мови. Розучування пісні „Karzentatzentanz". Використання ігрової форми навчання. Розповідь про улюблену домашню тварину. Навички перекладу з української мови німецькою та навпаки.

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  • History is Philosophy teaching by examples. Renaissance, French Revolution and the First World War are important events in the development of the world history. French Revolution is freedom of speech. The First World War is show of the chemical weapons.

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  • Canada is a country occupying most of northern North America, extending from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west and northward into the Arctic Ocean. History of European colonization of Canada. Government and politics.

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  • The car as an integral part of people's lives. Design as a factor of business success in the automotive industry and transport engineering. The transition to an integrated supporting structures instead used on American cars spar frame side members.

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  • Static model analysis. Proof mass, suspension beams, static deflection. Residual stress and Poisson’s ratio. Spring constants. Strain under acceleration. Sensitivity, thermal noise. Resolution due to the ADC. Maximum acceleration. Dynamic model analysis.

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  • Chemical reaction. Components of typical DFMC. Micro Fuel Cell Stack for cellular Phone. Developments of micro fuel cell for cellular phones. Proposed design of micro fuel cell. The overall reaction in a DMFC. Construction and main components of DMFC.

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  • Problem of choice basic lines of child: half, color of eyes, hair, modern possibilities of medicine. Possibility choice of design of child at artificial impregnation. Ethic problem of choice of design. Value of problem of choice of sex of child in China.

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  • Author create own Cinema "Grand Record" and according to the Golden Screen Cinema authors design a website with electronic commerce enabled functions. Discuss areas in which standards are emerging. Internet Security and Legal Concerns, financial Plan.

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  • Nacherzhlung der wirtschaftlichen Begriffe aus englischer Sprache auf deutsche, und die Sachlichkeit dieser. Elementarbegriffe marketinga, Annonce, Arbeiten mit Offentlichkeit und ihr Gegenwert in Deutsch. Ubersetzung der Texte in aufgegebene Themen.

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  • J.W. Goethe wurde am 28 August 1749 in Frankfurt am Main in einer wohlhabenden bеrgerlichen Familie geboren. F. Schiller ist ein hervorragender deutscher Dichter, Dramaturg und Theoretik der Kunst. Er Mitbegrunder der deutschen klassischen Literatur.

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  • Main part: Reading skills. A Writing Approach to–Reading Comprehension–Schema Theory in Action. The nature of foreign-language teaching. Vocabulary teaching techniques.

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  • Effective reading is essential for success in acquiring a second language. Approaches to Teaching Reading Skills. The characteristic of methods of Teaching Reading to Learners. The Peculiarities of Reading Comprehension. Approaches to Correcting Mistakes.

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  • Considerable role of the employees of the service providing company. Human resource policies. Three strategies that can hire the right employees. Main steps in measure internal service quality. Example of the service profit chain into the enterprise.

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  • Technical methods of supporting. Analysis of airplane accidents. Growth in air traffic. Drop in aircraft accident rates. Causes of accidents. Dispatcher action scripts for emergency situations. Practical implementation of the interface training program.

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  • Design of composite insulators. Structure of composite insulators. Typically a composite insulator. Designing composite insulators. The design requirements for composite insulators for 154-kV service. Еlectrical and mechanical aspects.

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  • Development of skills of independent creative activity in the process of game on the lessons of English. Psychological features of organization of independent work and its classification. Development of independence student in the process of teaching.

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  • Characteristics of sausages, of raw and auxiliary materials. Technology of production of dry sausage enzymatic. Technological line for crude smoked sausage production. Requirements for the finished product, for quality sausage. Defects of sausages.

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  • History of sports betting. The "cash out" option in sports betting. The main determinants of the betting process. To test the hypothesis that the risk-aversion as the factor that makes individuals accept the amount to "cash out" proposed by a bookmaker.

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  • The first rapid-transit system. History Metropolitan Railway. Network topologies, construction stages of London's Metropolitan Railway. Safety and security. Infrastructure 5-Line of Metro de Santiago (Chile), The Soviet Union's stations, Stockholm metro.

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  • Общее понятие о DHCP (протоколе динамического конфигурирования адресов). Порядок настройки сервера и доставки почты. Описание конфигурации в специальном файле. Особенности процесса отправки и приема сообщений. Режимы работы программного интерфейса.

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