• The Human Capital Theory. External Migration in Kazakhstan. The major causes of out-migration in Germany. Migration in Kazakhstan during 2004-2010. Internal Migration in Kazakhstan. The major factors determining the nature of the migration to Russia.

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  • The essence of Natural Monopoly. The necessity of regulation over Natural Monopoly. Methods of state regulation over the Natural Monopolies. Analysis and Uzbek practice of regulation over Monopolies. Natural Monopolies in modern Economy of Uzbekistan.

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  • Понятие и классификация on-line платежей. Виды электронных платежных систем. Преимущества и недостатки on-line платежей. Защита денежных средств в Интернете. Элементы, указывающие на легитимность сайта и правила, которые помогут уберечь деньги в Сети.

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  • Defining the role of developed countries in the world economy and their impact in the political, economic, technical, scientific and cultural spheres.The level and quality of life. Industrialised countries: the distinctive features and way of development.

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  • Характеристика и конкурентные позиции нефтегазовой и продовольственной компаний. Анализ степени влияния политических, экономических, социальных и технологических факторов на развитие данных организаций. Оценка уровня их подверженности воздействиям рынка.

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  • Влияние инфляции, динамики курса валют, налоговых ставок и инвестиций в отрасль на деятельность ОАО "КамаАЗ". Востребованность продукции у потребителя. Тенеденции технологического развития конкурентов для увеличения своего конкурентного преимущества.

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  • Gas pipeline construction: calculating the pipe diameter, the pressure required for the transportation of natural gas compressors. The definition of capital costs for construction and operation of the pipeline. Financial management of the project.

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  • The core innovation of post-modern portfolio theory. Total variability of return. Downside risk optimization. Downside frequency, average deviation and magnitude. Main types of formulas for downside risk. Main features of the Sortino and Sharpe ratio.

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  • Estimate risk-neutral probabilities and the rational for its application. Empirical results of predictive power assessment for risk-neutral probabilities as well as their comparisons with stock-implied probabilities defined as in Samuelson and Rosenthal.

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  • Government’s export promotion policy. Georgian export promotion agency. Foreign investment promotion. Government’s foreign investment promotion policy. Foreign investment advisory council. Taxation system and tax rates in Georgia.

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  • Theoretical aspects of investment climate in Ukraine. The essence of investment climate. Factors that forming investment climate. Dynamics of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Ukraine. Ways of improving the mechanism of attracting foreign investment.

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  • Entrepreneurial risk: the origins and essence. The classification of business risk. Economic characteristic of entrepreneurial risks an example of joint-stock company "Kazakhtelecom". The basic ways of the risks reduction. Methods for reducing the risks.

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  • Identifing demographic characteristics of consumers shopping in supermarkets. Determine the factors influencing consumer’s way of shopping and the level of their satisfaction (prices, quality, services offered, etc in supermarkets and bazaars).

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  • Analysis of the status and role of small business in the economy of China in the global financial crisis. The definition of the legal regulations on its establishment. Description of the policy of the state to reduce their reliance on the banking sector.

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  • Prospects for reformation of economic and legal mechanisms of subsoil use in Ukraine. Application of cyclically oriented forecasting: modern approaches to business management. Preconditions and perspectives of Ukrainian energy market development.

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  • Organizational structure of "Samruk-Kazyna" JSC. Formation of financial resources of the Fund. Mining and power assets directorate. The characteristic stages of the process of registration of new legal entities. Cash flow from the operating activity has.

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  • Stereotypes that influence on economic relations between the European Union countries and Russia. Consequences of influence of stereotypes on economic relations between EU and Russia. Results of first attempts solving problem. General conclusion.

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  • Оценка сильных и слабых сторон конкурентоспособности предприятия. Разработка плана маркетинга. Анализ потребительского рынка и возможных угроз для него. Техническое оснащение, организационная структура и правовое обеспечение деятельности организации.

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  • What is Demand. Factors affecting demand. The Law of demand. What is Supply. Economic equilibrium. Demand is an economic concept that describes a buyer's desire, willingness and ability to pay a price for a specific quantity of a good or service.

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  • SWOT-анализ как современный инструмент исследования в целях антикризисного управления предприятием. Внутренняя, внешняя среда и группировка факторов внутренней и внешней среды по специализированным функциям. Реализация SWOT-анализа в ФГУП ПО "Стрела".

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