• Анализ и основные виды деятельности компании "Tikkurila", история создания, ключевые факторы успеха. Рассмотрение основных конкурентов "Tikkurila": ООО "Лакра", ООО "Эмпилс", ООО "Олеколор". Особенности создания необходимых условий для работников.

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  • Характеристика ОАО "МегаФон" и анализ рынка сотовой связи в России и Мурманской области. Основные проблемы повышения конкурентоспособности данного предприятия на российском рынке. Особенности SWOT-анализа и портфельный анализа компании ОАО "МегаФон".

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  • Формування думки про систему управління як про один з магічних способів ефективного менеджменту і виходу українських підприємств із кризового стану. Визначення привабливості стратегічних зон господарювання. Сутність SWOT-аналізу підприємства і продукції.

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  • Basic rules of social protection in USA. Maintenance of legal basis, development and regular updating of general(common) methodological principles of state guarantees and methodical development in sphere of work. Features of payment of work by worker.

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  • The levers of management of a national economy, regions and enterprises. The prices for the goods. Taxes to the proceeds from realization of commodity production. Proceeds from realization of services to the population, establishments and organizations.

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  • The major structural elements of economic safety of a national economy branches. The structural analysis of economic activity. Share of wages in ВВП, of productivity of Russia and western countries. The essence of the economic taxes and their purpose.

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  • Calculation of accounting and economic profits. The law of diminishing returns. Short-Run production relationships and production costs, it's graphic representation. The long-run cost curve. Average fixed, variable, total costs and marginal costs.

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  • The air transport system in Russia. Project on the development of regional air traffic. Data collection. Creation of the database. Designing a data warehouse. Mathematical Model description. Data analysis and forecasting. Applying mathematical tools.

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  • Principles of foreign economic activity. Concepts and theories of international trade. Regulation of foreign trade. Evaluation of export potential. Export, import flows of commodities, of services. Main problems and strategy of foreign trade of Ukraine.

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  • The Hamburger Industry: franchising, market conduct, marketing strategies of competing parties. Challenges confronting in the fast-food industry. Conflicts between franchisers and franchisees. Consumer behavior. The main role of management, its changes.

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  • Establishing a favorable environment for investments, removing administrative barriers. Establishing high-technology parks. Formation of financial mechanisms to attract and support investments, tax stimulation measures. Brand promotion of Russian regions.

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  • Assessment of the rate of unemployment in capitalist (the USA, Germany, England, France, Japan) and backward countries (Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan). Influence of corruption, merges of business and bureaucracy on progress of market economy.

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  • The first stage of market reforms in Kazakhstan is from 1992 to 1997. The second phase is in 1998 after the adoption of the Strategy "Kazakhstan-2030". The agricultural, education sectors. The material and technical foundation of the medical institutions.

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  • Natural gas market overview: volume, value, segmentation. Supply and demand Factors of natural gas. Internal rivalry & competitors' overview. Outlook of the EU's energy demand from 2007 to 2030. Drivers of supplier power in the EU natural gas market.

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  • The digital nervous system. The best way to put distance between company and the crowd. Accurate information about sales. A standardized system of accounts for the entire GM organization. Achieving advantage over competitors in the information age.

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  • Concept and program of transitive economy, foreign experience of transition. Strategic reference points of long-term economic development. Direction of the transition to an innovative community-oriented type of development. Features of transitive economy.

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  • A theoretic analysis of market’s main rules. Simple Supply and Demand curves. Demand curve shifts, supply curve shifts. The problem of the ratio between supply and demand. Subsidy as a way to solve it. Effects of being away from the Equilibrium Point.

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  • The stock market and economic growth: theoretical and analytical questions. Analysis of the mechanism of the financial market on the efficient allocation of resources in the economy and to define the specific role of stock market prices in the process.

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  • Antitrust regulation of monopolies. The formation and methods of antitrust policy in Russia. Several key areas of antitrust policy: stimulating entrepreneurship, the development of competition began, organizational and legal support for antitrust policy.

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  • Special features of multinational corporations. Out the main objectives of a transfer pricing system. Modernisation of business processes of enterprise, use of innovative technologies. Preparing the profit and loss account of the company of Crystal ltd.

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