• Структура сайта, характеристика процесса его создания. Необходимая кодировка, установка. Присоединение таблицы стилей к сайту. Окно специальных возможностей тега image. Разбор сайта на РНР блоки, создание базы данных. Доступ к админке по паролю.

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  • Рractical and theoretical value of the types of Phrasal verbs, the structure and their role in the English Grammar. Defining, analyze and classification of Phrasal verbs. List of Phrasal verbs. Meanings of phrasal verbs with different prepositions.

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  • Filling in the blanks with a correct form of the phrasal verb to put. Saying the same in a different way. Phrasal verbs "to get", "to look", "to take". Expressing the idea using the phrasal verb. Difficulties in progress of learning foreign languages.

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  • The definition of the verb. The function of Phrasal verbs. The structure and meaning of Phrasal verbs. Classification of Phrasal verbs. Preposition and postposition. Verbs with preposition and noun. Verbs with postposition. English Phrasal Verbs Lists.

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  • The roles of the student, the teacher and the language researcher in understanding the motivation to learn another language. The importance of teaching phrasal verbs and prepositions. Guessing and explaining meanings of phrasal verbs "come" and "go".

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  • Semantic peculiarities of phraseological units in modern English. The pragmatic investigate of phraseology in particularly newspaper style. The semantic analyze peculiarities of the title and the role of the phraseological unit in newspaper style.

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  • Piccadilly Circus - a major transport hub and is a public place in West London. The history and main sights of the Pikadilli Plaza. Shaftesbury Monument and ErosUnderground station and Piccadilly Line. Piccadilly Square in the public consciousness.

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  • Анализ Received Pronunciation как доминирующего стандарта современного английского языка. Рассмотрение статуса, лексических особенностей и уникальности структуры диалекта Pidgin English; роль его с социолингвистической и психолингвистической точки зрения.

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  • Concept and functional features of piezoelectric sensors, the scope of its application. Designing with piezoelectric sensors. Piezo-vibration sensor Parallax 605–00004 and Bosch 608–00112: overview, technical characteristic, accessories, installations.

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  • Изучение конструктивных особенностей системы видеозахвата и монтажа Pinnacle Studio 500-USB V.10. Особенности подключения, производительность. Мощные функции профессионального редактора Pinnacle Studio 14 HD Ultimate Collection. Системные требования.

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  • Gas pipeline construction: calculating the pipe diameter, the pressure required for the transportation of natural gas compressors. The definition of capital costs for construction and operation of the pipeline. Financial management of the project.

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  • The intensive growth of oil production in the Volga and Urals region and in the new regions. Preparation of the pipeline route. History of pipeline transport of Russia. Provision of environmental safety of the Baltic Pipeline System. Ecological studies.

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  • Piracy around Somalia: how the pirates operate. Provide a coastguard for Somalia. Potential environmental catastrophe. Possible co-opting by international terrorist networks. Organize shipping into a safe lane. Anti-piracy measures, military presence.

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  • Структура программы PL/SQL. Секция заголовка блока. Элементы, объявленные в секции объявлений базового блока. Приоритет операций выражения. Управление выполнением программы. Конструкция и синтаксис цикла LOOP. Оператор GOTO и метки, пример использования.

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  • Society is a system of relations. Public relations is relationships that arise between people in the course of their activities in various spheres of public life. They can be classified according to their object, subject, nature of relations between them.

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  • Kyiv - the capital of Ukraine and one of the biggest cities in Europe. St. Sophia Cathedral. Mariyinsky Palace. Andriyivsky Uzviz (Andriyivsky Descent). Ukraine Kyiv Funicular. Horodetskyi Building. Volodymyr Cathedral. Khreschatyk - the main street in Ky

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  • Russia is the largest country in the world. Russia's a long and interesting history. Moscow is the capital of Russia and the biggest city in the country. Another big and famous city in Russia is Saint Petersburg. The sights of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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  • Death Valley is in California - the driest, the hottest and the lowest place in the USA. The national memorial Mount Rushmore is a sculpture devoted to four American presidents: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt.

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  • The most beautiful and interesting sights of old towns of Ukraine: Kiev (St. Sophia and St. Vladimir Cathedrals, Golden Gates, Museum of Ukrainian Art), Odessa (Pushkin Museum), Lviv (Pharmaceutical Museum, Museum of Ethnography and Crafts, Opera House).

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  • Research of causes of explosion of the plane in the city of Lokerbi (flight 103 Pan Am) on December 21, 1988 in Scotland which carried away for itself lives of 259 people. 11 years of searches of the guilty terrorists who have enclosed a bomb the plane.

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