• Background to research and investigation of rural electrification. Method of investigation, plan of development, Rampuru, a typical rural South African village. Permanent magnet generator, properties of permanent magnets and evidence of wind resource.

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  • Общая характеристика технологии Plug and Play, ее структура и принцип действия, оценка преимуществ и недостатков, системные требования для бесперебойной работы. Основная цель реализации Plug and Play и ее возможности, спецификация интерфейса драйверов.

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  • Pneumonia is an inflammatory condition of the lung—affecting primarily the microscopic air sacs known as alveoli. The bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae is a common cause of pneumonia. Symptoms, diagnostics, treatment and prevention of this disease.

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  • Понятие искусства в современном научном пространстве, его полифункциональность. Особенности его функционирования как динамичной системы. Исторические прототипы и аналоги Poetry Slam, подходы к определению понятия, правила конкурса и обоснование.

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  • Buckingham Palace as the main residence of British monarchs for accession to the throne of Queen Victoria in 1837. Apsley House as the residence of the Duke of Wellington in London and art gallery. Tower Bridge in central London over the River Thames.

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  • Brief biography of the American president Barack Obama, the main stages of its formation and personal career growth. Presidential race and election victory. Pillars of the internal policy of the new president, its features and performance evaluation.

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  • The study of political discourse. Political discourse: representation and transformation. Syntax, translation, and truth. Modern rhetorical studies. Aspects of a communication science, historical building, the social theory and political science.

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  • European heritage and civil government and the foundation of colonial America. Revolution, confederation and the federal Constitution, The foundation of Hamilton’s vision on the treasury. Utility and the prime end of all law. Ancient and modern virtues.

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  • Study of legal nature of the two-party system of Great Britain. Description of political activity of conservative party of England. Setting of social and economic policies of political parties. Value of party constitution and activity of labour party.

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  • Lexicology, as a branch of linguistic study, its connection with phonetics, grammar, stylistics and contrastive linguistics. The synchronic and diachronic approaches to polysemy. The peculiar features of the English and Ukrainian vocabulary systems.

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  • Different approaches to meaning, functional approach. Types of meaning, grammatical meaning. Semantic structure of polysemantic word. Types of semantic components. Approaches to the study of polysemy. The development of new meanings of polysemantic word.

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  • One of the long-established misconceptions about the lexicon is that it is neatly and rigidly divided into semantically related sets of words. In contrast, we claim that word meanings do not have clear boundaries.

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  • Назначение стратегического планирования маркетинга. Проведение Portfolio-анализа для гипотетической фирмы "Полиграфист". Конкурентоспособность и относительные доли рынка, занимаемые компанией. Построение матричных моделей General Electric-МсKinsey и BCG.

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  • Migration policies: The legal framework. The evolution of migration flows. Percentage of Portuguese emigration by district. Key migrant characteristics. Characteristics of legal migrants. Return migration. Portuguese emigration by destination, 1950-1988.

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  • The definition of conformism as passive acceptance and adaptation to standards of personal conduct, rules and regulations of the cult of absolute power. Study the phenomenon of group pressure. External and internal views of subordination to the group.

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  • Theoretical aspects of relationship between technology and language. Research-based principles of vocabulary instruction and multimedia learning. Analysis of examples of vocabulary learning strategies available on the Internet during the lesson.

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  • The core innovation of post-modern portfolio theory. Total variability of return. Downside risk optimization. Downside frequency, average deviation and magnitude. Main types of formulas for downside risk. Main features of the Sortino and Sharpe ratio.

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  • Post-structuralist movement in France; peculiarities of it: emergence, meaning, comparison with structuralism. Major works and concepts: Derrida’s Deconstruction; Roland Barthes – "The Death of the Author"; Michel Foucault and post-structuralism.

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  • The Structure of Ukrainian Government. Rights and Duties of the Ukrainian Citizens. The Constitution of Ukraine. The state language. The Verkhovna Rada's main function is making laws. The Cabinet of Ministers is the highest body of the executive power.

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  • Анализ особенностей подготовки презентаций в онлайн-сервисе SkyDrive. Создание нового документа, выбор шаблона презентации. Основные преимущества программы PowerPoint Web App. Содержание команд вкладок. Редактирование внешнего вида и расположение текста.

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