Экономика и экономическая теория

Adam Smith

Early Life. Glasgow. The Theory of Moral Sentiments. Travels on the Continent. The Wealth of Nations. Society and "the invisible hand". Economic growth. After two centuries, Adam Smith remains a towering figure in the history of economic thought.

Adam Smith (1723-1790)

Adam Smith - a Scottish moral philosopher, pioneer of political economy, and key Scottish Enlightenment figure. Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. The Real and Nominal Price of Commodities or of their Price in Labour and their Price in Money.

Agrarian relations and land rent

The essence of agrarian relations: economic structure and specificity. The land rent, land price as a capitalized rent. History of the formation of agricultural sector of Ukraine, its reforms. Assessment of the investment attractiveness of AIC of Ukraine.

Alcohol influence on economics-related decision-making

The experiments related to alcohol and economic decision-making. First study attempting to test 3 sets of embedded hypotheses regarding how alcohol influences our choices. Conducting games, showing the effects of alcohol on the decision-making process.

Analysis of activity of company DTEK Zuevskaya TPP

General characteristic of the LLC DTEK Zuevskaya TPP and its main function. The history of appearance and development of the company. Characteristics of the organizational management structure. Analysis of financial and economic performance indicators.

Analysis of impact of exchange rate volatility on international trade

Solving the problem of non-stationary time series. Estimating nominal exchange rate volatility ruble/dollar by using autoregressive model with distributed lags. Constructing regressions. Determination of causality between aggregate export and volatility.

Application requirements of international institutions to organizations of financial monitoring /AML in Ukraine in the struggle against corruption

The influence of corruption on Ukrainian economy. Negative effects of corruption. The common trends and consequences of increasing corruption. Crimes of organized groups and criminal organizations. Statistical data of crime in some regions of Ukraine.

Assessment of the situation on the regional housing market in Russia

Issues about housing prices formation process. Analytical model of housing prices. Definition a type of relationship between the set of independent variables and housing prices. The graph of real housing prices of all Russian regions during the period.

Basic directions of American institutionalism

State intervention in the economy. Assessment and the role of teaching Veblen. Economic development of the society. Process of long-term loan and the inclusion of investor-banker in industrial production. Negative aspects of American institucionalism.

Business associations

Since a corp is a distinct legal entity, shs are normally shielded from corporate obligations. In certain instances, however, the corporate entity will be disregarded. This occurs when a P with a claim against one corp attempts to satisfy.

Chinese economy and agriculture

Chinese economy: history and problems. Problems of Economic Growth. The history of Chinese agriculture. The ratio of exports and imports of goods and service to gross domestic product at current prices. Inefficiencies in the agricultural market.

Chinese Labor Market

Transition of the Chinese labor market. Breaking the Iron Rice Bowl. Consequences for a Labor Force in transition. Labor market reform. Post-Wage Grid Wage determination, government control. Marketization Process. Evaluating China’s industrial relations.

Comprehensive analysis of the economic activity of the company "Turboatom"

Directions of activity of enterprise. The organizational structure of the management. Valuation of fixed and current assets. Analysis of the structure of costs and business income. Proposals to improve the financial and economic situation of the company.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The definition of Corporate Social Responsibility and main approaches. Stakeholder VS Shareholders. The principles of CSR: features and problems. Sanofi Group Company and its Social Responsibility program. Results and Perspectives, the global need.

Costs and income of enterprises

Resources of income for enterprises. Main ways of decreasing the costs Main ways of increasing the income. Any enterprise’s target is to make profit. In order to make it a company should understand where comes from the income and where goes out costs.

Cистема национальных счетов. Валовой внутренний продукт

Совокупное производство и его компоненты. Наиболее важные аспекты экономического развития. Счета для национальной экономики. Стоимость конечного продукта. Номинальный и реальный валовой внутренний продукт. Применение метода суммирования потока затрат.

Cложная продукция и особенности ее закупки

Приоритет высокотехнологических или инновационных товаров в государственных и корпоративных закупках. Потенциальные трудности для заказчика при закупке сложной продукции. Нормативно-правовое регулирование двухэтапного конкурса в Российской Федерации.

Dynamics(changes) of development of mankind

Evolutionary and revolutionary ways of development of mankind. Most appreciable for mankind by stages of development of a civilization. The disclosing of secret of genome of the man. Recession in an economy and in morality in Russia. Decision of problems.