10 лучших произведений Великобритании

Влияние классической английской литературы на мировоззрение человека. Некоторые художественные произведения Великобритании - "Портрет Дориана Грея", "Утопия", "Робинзон Крузо", "Гарри Поттер", "Гордость и предубеждение", "Путешествия Чайльд-Гарольда".

1812 год в творческом сознании автора поэмы "Мёртвые души"

Пушкинско-гоголевский период русской литературы. Влияние обстановки в России на политические взгляды Гоголя. История создания поэмы "Мертвые души". Формирование ее сюжета. Символическое пространство в "Мертвых душах" Гоголя. Отображение 1812 года в поэме.

19 век в зеркале художественных исканий

Крах Просветительских иллюзий. Джордж Байрон как один из величайших английских поэтов-романтиков. Романтизм как явление европейской культуры в XVIII—XIX веках, представляющее собой реакцию на Просвещение и стимулированный им научно-технический прогресс.

A Catcher In The Rye - Summary

The Catcher in the Rye is narrated by Holden Caulfield, a sixteen year-old boy recuperating in a rest home from a nervous breakdown, some time in 1950. Holden tells the story of his last day at a school called Pencey Prep.

A Character Analysis of William Faulkner's "A Rose For Emily"

In William Faulkner's short story "A Rose For Emily" he had described Emily using five adjectives. These five adjectives were identified in Part IV of his story. "Thus she passed from generation to generation - dear, inescapable, impervious, tranquil, and

Analysis of a Real Haunted House

А real haunted house is a place that hides many secrets of good and evil, of morality and crimes. Human beings are unable to understand these phenomena because they don't want to accept things that frighten them.

An Analysis of "A Portrait of the Artist as a young man" by James Joyce

Role of the writings of James Joyce in the world literature. Description the most widespread books by James Joyce: "Dubliners", "Ulysses". Young Irish artist Stephen Dedalus as hero of the novel. An Analysis interesting facts the work of James Joyce.

Ballad: origin and development

Tradition of the ballad in the history of Europe. Influence of the Spanish romance on development of a genre of the ballad. The ballad in Renaissance. Development of a genre of the literary ballad. The ballad in the history of the Russian poetry.

Blue Cross

It seems that Aristide Valentin takes the same place in the stories of G.K.Chesterton as Sherlock Holmes takes in the books by Arthur Conan Doyle and Hercule Poirot takes in Agata Christy's novels.

Children and Adults ("To Kill a Mockingbird" by H. Lee, "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4" by S. Townsend)

The events in the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird". The opposition between children’s and adults. "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole" as the picture of the world from the point of view of a teenager. Examples of Adrian’s relations with adults in the novel.

"Christmas stories" by Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens life. Charles Dickens’ works written in Christmas story genre. Review about his creativity. The differential features between Dickens’ and Irving’s Christmas stories. Critical views to the stories Somebody’s Luggage and Mrs. Lirriper’s.

Cтилистические функции устаревшей лексики в романе Бориса Акунина "Пелагия и черный монах"

Понятие пассивного и активного словарного запаса языка. Устаревшая лексика в творчестве Бориса Акунина. Историзмы и архаизмы в романе Бориса Акунина "Пелагия и черный монах", их стилистические функции. Изучение устаревших слов на уроках русского языка.

"Fight Club" and today’s society

The book "Fight Club" is illustration how society has become consumers, where people are being brainwashed that they need to have materialistic goods that they don’t really need. The characteristic of five stages that Narrator character went through.

Greatest People of the World: William Shakespeare

Biographical information and the Shakespeare - English poet and playwright, the beginning of his literary activity, the first role in the theater. The richness of the creative heritage of the poet: plays, poems-sonnets, chronicle, tragedy and Comedy.

Henry Miller's philosophy and style in "Tropic of cancer", "Tropic of Capricorn" and "Black Spring"

Henry Miller is an American writer known as a literary innovator for his brilliant writing. His works has been a topical theme for critics for a long time and still his novels remain on the top of the most eccentric and ironic works of the 20 century.

Image peculiarities of man in Sterna's novel "Sentimental Journey"

Sentimentalism in Western literature. English sentimentalism effect Stern's creativity. The main concept of sentimentalism in the novel "Sentimental Journeys". The image peculiarities of man in the novel. The psychological aspect of the image of the hero.

Im westen nichts Neues

In Erich Ramarques Antikriegsroman "Im Westen nichts Neues" werden tagebuchartig die Erlebnisse Paul Baumers in den Kriegsjahren 1016-1918 geschildert. Paul Baumer besucht die Oberprima eines Gymnasiums.

Life and A.A. Ahmatovoj's creativity

Family and the childhood of A. Ahmatova, her first steps in the poetry and the association of the poets-akmeist, marriage by N. Gumilev. The world of poetry Ahmatovoi - the world tragical, feeling of the native land, a pain about the native land.