Физика и энергетика

Ab initio розрахунки динаміки гратки сегнетоелектриків Sn2P2S6

Структура і фізичні властивості кристалів Sn2P2S6: кристалічна структура, симетрійний аналіз, густина фононних станів і термодинамічні функції. Теорія функціоналу густини, наближення теорії псевдо потенціалів. Рівноважна геометрична структура кристалів.

Another Sun

Create a source of light in Earth orbit. Energy source for the artificial sun. Development of light during nucleosynthesis. Using fusion reactors. Application lamp in the center of a parabolic mirror. Application of solar panels and nuclear reactors.

Application of angstorm level resolution in nanotechnology

Defining the role of the microscope in studies of the structure of nanomaterials. Familiarization with the technology of micromechanical modeling. The use of titanium for studying the properties of electrons. Consideration of the benefits of TEAM project.

Big Bang theory

A cosmological model to explain the origins of matter, energy, space, time the Big Bang theory asserts that the universe began at a certain point in the distant past. Pre-twentieth century ideas of Universe’s origins. Confirmation of the Big Bang theory.

Chiral model of graphene

The chiral model of graphene based on the order parameter is suggested in the long-wave approximation, the ideal graphene plane being determined by the kink-like solution. Corrugation of the graphene surface is described in the form of ripple and rings.

Classical Elliptic Probability

The Rational Dynamics. The Classification of Shannon Isomorphisms. Problems in Parabolic Dynamics. Fundamental Properties of Hulls. An Application to the Invertibility of Ultra-Continuously Meager Random Variables. Fundamental Properties of Invariant.

Hydraulic calculation of vortical spillways with tangential swirlers

The danger of cavitation and surface elements spillway structures in vertical spillway. Method of calculation capacity for vortex weirs with different geometry swirling device, the hydraulic resistance and changes in specific energy swirling flow.

Inelastic interaction of high-energy hadrons with nucleons and nuclei of the emulsion and the phenomenon of clustering

The properties of the proton clusters in inelastic interactions SS. Relativistic nuclear interaction. Studying the properties of baryon clusters in a wide range of energies. Seeing the high kinetic energy of the protons in the rest of the cluster.

Line protection

The basic principles and the protection of power lines patterns used in this process methods. Physical basics of high-power transformers in substations. Justification of the information received. Diagram illustrating the operation of the protection.

Magnetic nanoparticles - fabrication, analysis and application

Study of synthetic properties of magnetic nanoparticles. Investigation of X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy of geometrical parameters and super conducting quantum interference device magnetometry of magnetic characterization.

Measuring specific latent heat of vaporization of water

Definition the certain latent high temperature of evaporation of the liquid using capital equipment and calculations. The accepted value of the latent high temperature of evaporation. The uncertainty for the specific latent heat of vaporization.

Nonlinear multi-wave coupling and resonance in elastic structures

The principles of nonlinear multi-mode coupling. Consider a natural quasi-linear mechanical system with distributed parameters. Parametric approach, the theory of normal forms, according to a method of normal forms. Resonance in multi-frequency systems.

Planning of mobile complete set for a rural wind generator

Background to research and investigation of rural electrification. Method of investigation, plan of development, Rampuru, a typical rural South African village. Permanent magnet generator, properties of permanent magnets and evidence of wind resource.

Quantum mechanics

The photoelectric effect. The maximum kinetic energy. Putting it all together. Can we use this idea in a circuit. The results of the photoelectric effect allowed us to look at light completely different. The electron microscope. Wave-particle duality.

Synchronization and sommerfeld effect as typical resonant patterns

Reducing the noise and vibrations by using hydraulic absorbers as dampers to dissipate the energy of oscillations in railway electric equipments. The phenomenon of the phase synchronization. Examples of stable and unstable regimes of synchronization.

What is electricity?

The properties of conductors of electricity. The electric field is as the forces in the space around a charged body. Diagrams of the electric field and the lines of force in the neighborhoods of charged bodies, the elements of an electrical condenser.

Абаканская ТЭЦ

История развития электростанции. Структура установленной электрической мощности на территории Республики Хакасия. Состав генерирующего оборудования станции. Основные технико-экономические показатели инвестиционного проекта "Новый блок Абаканской ТЭЦ".

Аберрации оптических систем

Сущность хроматических, волновых и лучевых аберраций, их функции. Характеристика первичных аберраций Зайделя. Особенности сферической аберрации, астигматизма и кривизны поля, дисторсии. Искажения, погрешности изображения оптических систем, их устранение.