• Creation of the oldest universities in the United Kingdom of Great Britain - Oxford and Cambridge, which are two types of degrees: bachelor's and master's. Brief history of the city's founding, development of trade and industry, meaning nationwide.

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  • The University of Cambridge as a public research university located in Cambridge. Murry Edwards, Newham, Lucy Cavendish. Wesstcot House, Westminster college. Faculty of law. Supervision as the principal method of teaching. Schools, faculties, departments.

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  • University of Cambridge is one of the world's oldest and most prestigious academic institutions. The University of Cambridge (often Cambridge University), located in Cambridge, England, is the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world.

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  • About University of Oxford. The University consists of 38 faculties and colleges, as well as the so-called six dormitories - private schools that do not have the status of college and belonging, as a rule, religious orders. Structure of the University.

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  • Oxford is the oldest English-speaking university in the world and the largest research center in Oxford more than a hundred libraries and museums, its publisher. The main areas of training students. Admission to the university. Its history and structure.

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  • Створення операційної системи UNIX. Історія створення і розвитку протоколів ТСР/ІР. Протокол транспортного рівня. Логічний комунікаційний канал між джерелом і отримувачем даних без встановлення зв’язку. Протокол взаємодії з сервером доменних імен.

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  • История образования и раскол в Microsoft, обзор GNU/Linux-подобных систем Fedora, Slackware. Обзор BSD-подобных систем OpenBSD, Frenzy. Unix-подобные операционные системы Extended File System ext. XFS и Unix File System, ядро linux-kernelи Emacs.

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  • Characterization the Meteora as one of the largest and most important complexes of monasteries in Greece. Architectural features and history of the construction of monasteries of St. Barbara, St. Nicholas Anapauses, St. Stephen and the Holy Trinity.

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  • Uranium as one element that has been the raw material for nuclear bombs. Gas centrifuges are the most used technology for enriching uranium. The electromagnetic separation technique and aerodynamic separation as a types of uranium enrichment process.

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  • Establishment of the Federal judicial system and the setting of the balance between the Federal and the local judicial branches of power. Nowdays many things that the First Judiciary Act required have been swept aside.

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  • The history of Russian-American relations and treaties. Rise of the British Colonies against the economic oppression of the British as the start of diplomatic relations between Russia and the USA. The collapse of the USSR and the end of the Cold War.

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  • The definition of concordance in linguistics as a list of words used in a body of work, or dictionary, which contains a list of words from the left and right context. The necessity of creating concordance in science for learning and teaching languages.

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  • Взаимодействие приложений с устройствами USB. Последовательный порт или COM-порт, его широкое распространение до появления USB в телекоммуникационном оборудовании для персональных компьютеров. Основные причины вытеснения COM-интерфейса USB-интерфейсом.

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  • Общие сведения о микропроцессорных системах. Архитектура микроконтроллера Attiny 45-20. Принцип работы осциллографа - измерительного прибора для наблюдения зависимости между двумя или несколькими быстро меняющимися величинами, его электрическая схема.

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  • Общие сведения о микропроцессорной системе. Понятия о надежности системы. Принцип работы осциллографа. Расчёт электрической цепи светодиода. Проектирование USB осциллографа на основе микроконтроллера ATTINY45-20. Расчет надежности USB осциллографа.

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  • Context approach in teaching English language in Senior grades. Definition, characteristics and components of metod. Strategies and principles of context approach. The practical implementation of Context approach in teaching writing in senior grades.

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  • Defining communicative competence. The value of communicative language teaching. On the value of audio-lingual approach. Using of humor in teaching foreign language. On the structure of an anecdotes. Using anecdotes for intermediate and advanced learners.

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  • "E-democracy" is a public use of Internet technologies Analysis of the problems dialogue information and of the notional device, uniform and available for specialists, facilities of the electronic constitutional court, on-line participation of citizens.

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  • The production technology of dairy industry products, main sources of wastes and ways of its utilization. Description of milk processing. Waste generating processes. Handling of by-products and treatment of waste. Waste reduction. Economic considerations.

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