• B деревья как сбалансированные деревья для быстрого доступа к информации на устройствах с прямым доступом, история их разработки и функции, оценка возможностей и эффективности работы. Страничная организация памяти. Вставка вершины в красно-черные деревья.

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  • Des Landes Baden-Wuerttemberg zaehlt zu den wirtschaftsstaerksten und wettbewerbsfaehigsten Regionen Europas, das dritte Bundesland. Baden-Baden ist Stadt ist ein weltbekannter Kurort, Medien- und Kunststadt sowie internationale Festspielstadt bekannt.

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  • Tradition of the ballad in the history of Europe. Influence of the Spanish romance on development of a genre of the ballad. The ballad in Renaissance. Development of a genre of the literary ballad. The ballad in the history of the Russian poetry.

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  • A person who signs a document with another person and shares the obligations. Documents which prove that I own a particular piece of real property. The questions that the manager asks. The conclusion of the bank manager. The first rule of any banker.

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  • A bank: nature of activity, main business-processes and organizational structure, the market place and history. Definitions of the project and project management, the project life cycle. Management of development projects in a bank, the expected results.

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  • Commercial banks as the main segment market economy. Principles and functions of commercial banks. Legal framework of commercial operation banks. The term "banking risks". Analysis of risks and methods of their regulation. Methods of risk management.

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  • The concept and features of bankruptcy. Methods prevent bankruptcy of Russian small businesses. General characteristics of crisis management. Calculating the probability of bankruptcy discriminant function in the example of "Kirov Plant "Mayak".

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  • The banks history. Origin of the word. The earliest evidence of money-changing activity. A bank as an institution that deals in money and its substitutes and provides other financial services. Types of banking institutions. Loans, checks and savings.

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  • Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States. His campaign to represent Illinois in the United States Senate with his victory in the March Democratic Party primary. 30 interesting facts about him. Barack Obama and Nursultan Nazarbayev.

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  • Biography of Barack Hussein Obama II action (20 January 2009) 44th President of the United States of America, the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. Childhood, education, early career of the president. The election campaign and acting as president-elect.

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  • General characteristics of mechanical materialism and its consequences. Analysis of base and superstructure, under capitalism, their relationship to ideology. Features of the division operation and the exploited classes. The essence of class struggle.

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  • Features of the use of various forms of a verb in English language. The characteristics of construction of questions. Features of nouns using in English language. Translating texts about Problems of preservation of the environment and Brands in Russian.

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  • State intervention in the economy. Assessment and the role of teaching Veblen. Economic development of the society. Process of long-term loan and the inclusion of investor-banker in industrial production. Negative aspects of American institucionalism.

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  • The lessons of reading and translation of different texts and word-combinations into Ukrainian. The most frequently used expressions with the verbs to be, to have and sentences with them. Reading and translation the dialogue used in the usual speech.

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  • The history and reasons for the formation of american english, its status as the multinational language. Its grammatical and lexical-semantic features. Differences in American and English options in the grammar parts of speech, pronunciation and spelling.

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  • The essence of modern social sciences. Chicago sociological school and its principal researchers. The basic principle of structural functionalism and functional imperatives. Features of the evolution of subprocesses. Sociological positivism Sorokina.

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  • Six principles of business etiquette survival or success in the business world. Punctuality, privacy, courtesy, friendliness and affability, attention to people, appearance, literacy speaking and writing as the major commandments of business man.

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  • Бальный танец battement developpe с медленным поворотом en dehors и en dedans с ногой, открытой вперед и назад. Подготовительные упражнения к турам en dehors и еn dedans. Grand battement jete с быстрым developpe и выполнение упражнений на середине зала.

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  • The solving of the equation bose-chaudhuri-hocquenghem code, multiple errors correcting code, not excessive block length. Code symbol and error location in the same field, shifts out and fed into feedback shift register for the residue computation.

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  • A beam is a structural element that is capable of withstanding load primarily by resisting bending. Internally, beams experience compressive, tensile and shear stresses as a result of the loads applied to them. Thin walled beams. Mechanical beam quality.

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