• "Болезнь из холодильника". Основные симптомы иерсиниоза. Возбудители иерсиниоза и их распространение, основные механизмы заражения. Основные формы иерсиниоза. Обнаружение бактерий, антител к иерсиниям, антигенов возбудителя. Полимеразная цепная реакция.

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  • Communication process is not limited to what we say with words. There are 3 elements of communication: Words (7% of information is communicated though words), Body language (55%) and tone of voice (38%). Thus, 93% of communication is non-verbal.

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  • Slang as the way in which the semantic content of a sentence can fail to determine the full force and content of the illocutionary act being performed in using the sentence. Features of American students’ slang functioning. Teen and high school slang.

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