• Сигнальные G-белки (связывают гуанозиновые нуклеотиды) как универсальные посредники при передаче гормональных сигналов от рецепторов клеточной мембраны к эффекторным белкам, история открытия. Структура G-белков, их полиморфизм и саморегуляция системы.

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  • Disclosure of the concept of the game. Groups of games, developing intelligence, cognitive activity of the child. The classification of educational games in a foreign language. The use of games in the classroom teaching English as a means of improving.

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  • Concept and evaluation of the significance of garbage collection for the urban economy, maintaining its beneficial environmental climate and clean air. Investigation of the major environmental problems in Almaty. Need for waste sorting and recycling.

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  • Ulcer - is a defect of gastric or duodenal mucosa which interfere over lamina muscularis mucosae, submucosa. Pathogenesis of the disease, its provocative factors. Classification and types of ulcers. Symptoms of gastric ulcer disease, complications.

    презентация (1,9 M)
  • Learning about peptic ulcers, a hole in the gut lining of the stomach, duodenum or esophagus. Symptoms of a peptic ulcer. Modified classification of gastroduodenal ulcers. Macroscopic and microscopic appearance. Differential diagnosis and treatment.

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  • Study of lexical and morphological differences of the women’s and men’s language; grammatical forms of verbs according to the sex of the speaker. Peculiarities of women’s and men’s language and the linguistic behavior of men and women across languages.

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  • Theories of discourse as theories of gender: discourse analysis in language and gender studies. Belles-letters style as one of the functional styles of literary standard of the English language. Gender discourse in the tales of the three languages.

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  • The concept and sex, and especially his studies in psychology and sociology at the present stage. The history of the study of the concepts of masculinity and femininity. Gender issues in Russian society. Gender identity and the role of women in America.

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  • The connection of lexicology with other branches of linguistics. Modern Methods of Vocabulary Investigation. General characteristics of English vocabulary. The basic word-stock. Influence of Russian on the English vocabulary. Etymological doublets.

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  • Democracy as theoretical number of important qualities, that are important for human development. The general protection of property and the almost complete absence of taxes. Main details of enjoying full democracy. Analyzing democracy in reality.

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  • Orderliness (methodical) of the general inspection. The patient's position in bed. Constitution types - set of congenital and acquired the morphological and functional characteristics of the organism. Distinctive features of the constitutional types.

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  • The official acknowledgement of and apology for the past, the establishment of mechanisms to help people find out about themselves and to reunite with their families where that is possible legislation. The child welfare and juvenile justice procedures.

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  • The concept of fantasy genre. Istoriya novel "Harry Potter." Signs of the fantasy genre. The basic principles of literary fairy tales. Analysis and Short-term portion of a series of novels by Rowling. Signs of fantasy and literary narrative in the novel.

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  • Characteristics of the main two-dimensional, three-dimensional and n-dimensional geometric shapes, their use in mathematics, physics and other. Properties of two-dimensional geometric shapes arranged on the plane: polygon, triangle, quadrilateral, circle.

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  • Thе idеаs оf Gandhi who mаdе а mаjоr cоntributiоn tо thе Indiаn indеpеndеncе mоvеmеnt in 1919 by turning it tо а mаss оriеntаtiоn. Rеcruiting fоr thе British. Thе 1922 cаmpаign, Chаuri Chаurа bаckdоwn. Thе mоvеmеnt dеmоrаlisеd. Thе Bоmbаy nаvаl mutiny.

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  • History of world's most famous ghost towns, causes havoc:: Kolmanskop (Namibia), Prypiat (Ukraine), San Zhi (Taiwan), Craco (Italy), Oradour-Sur-Glane (France), Gunkanjima (Japan), Kowloon Walled City (China), Famagusta (Cyprus), Agdam (Azerbaijan).

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  • English, community, discommunication, subcultural empires. The English as part of a process of global homogenization. Homogeny position views English as a reflex of global capitalism and commercialization. Globalization and colonialism and worldliness.

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  • What is Climate. Science is the search for knowledge. Records changes of Climate for period million years. The activity Modern Climate Systems. What is the Greenhouse Effect. The past and current trends in climate change. The way to solve the problem.

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  • Системы спутниковой навигации. Иллюстрация эффекта Доплера. GPS-спутники, необходимые для полного покрытия земной поверхности. Принцип работы GPS-навигации. Наружные станции контроля. Основные характеристики спутников. Современное применение GPS.

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  • The use of computers in education. Improvements in health, education and trade in poor countries. Financial education as a mandatory component of the curriculum. Negative aspects of globalization. The role of globalization in the economic development.

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